Always online via 4G, Wi-Fi or wired network

Model Description Ethernet Wi-Fi 4G
IX2400 IXrouter3 Ethernet (2400) X    
IX2405 IXrouter3 4G Global (2405) X   X
IX2410 IXrouter3 Wi-Fi (2410) X X  
IX2415 IXrouter3 4G Global & Wi-Fi (2415) X X X

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Encrypted VPN tunnels

The IXrouter connects to a VPN server within the IXON Cloud infrastructure. It always automatically seeks the correct service and fastest available server. This gives you worldwide remote access to every device behind the router, like the PLC and devices in the local machine network.

Compact industrial design

Designed for the control cabinet. The modern chipset ensures a super compact design. The IXrouter fits inbetween your fingertips, can easily be mounted on a DIN-rail and its connections are exactly where you want them to be.

Any PLC controller and HMI brand are supported for remote access, such as Siemens PLC, Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric PLC, Delta, Beckhoff, Omron PLC and Mitsubishi.

100% secure for your customers

Assure your customers of a secure connection. The IXrouter sets up a secure outgoing connection that can be deactivated locally by the customer. IXON's Certificate Authority system prevents Man-in-the-Middle attacks, and a fixed IP address or opening firewall ports are no longer necessary.

Built-in firewall

The powerful firewall separates the machine network from the company network. Assure your customers of a secure solution.

Data logging and alarms

Gain access to the data in your machine devices with data logging, fully managed on IXON Cloud. The IIoT gateway supports protocols such as OPC-UA, Modbus TCP, Siemens S7, Ethernet/IP and BACnet.

The IXrouter actively monitors the machine for certain events. In case of a trigger, users are informed about the event via IXON Cloud.

Local power on the edge

The powerful dual-core processor and fast SDRAM memory allow for advanced data analysis locally on the edge. This minimises the amount of data sent to the IXON Cloud. For example, only send the maximum value of an hour. With 8GB local data storage, you'll never lose any data due to a temporary loss of internet connection.

MQTT for data transfer

IXON Cloud sends commands and configurations to the IXrouter using the MQTT connection. The IXrouter in turn sends status reports, data and notifications to IXON Cloud.

Wi-Fi Hotspot & Client

The IXrouter functions as a Hotspot, but can also connect to a Client with a Wi-Fi network. It even offers these functions simultaneously.

Multiple subnets

The IXrouter supports access to a second subnet, for example when there's a network behind the PLC.

OTA Firmware upgrades

Remotely push the latest IXrouter firmware to your device "over the air". Only firmware signed by IXON is accepted.


The right antenna for any situation.
Wi-Fi antennas
IX2210 Wi-Fi antenna monopole 3cm
IX2210 Wi-Fi antenna monopole 3cm Datasheet and STEP files
IX2211 Wi-Fi antenna screw mount IP67 with 3m cable
IX2211 Wi-Fi antenna screw mount IP67 with 3m cable Datasheet and STEP files
Other accessories
IX2204 Power supply
4G LTE antennas
IX2201 LTE antenna rotable Datasheet and STEP files
IX2202 Pentaband antenna magnetic mount with 2m cable Datasheet and STEP files
IX2203 Pentaband antenna screw mount with 3m cable Datasheet and STEP files
IX2205 Wide-band LTE antenna screw mount with 3m cable Datasheet and STEP files
IX2206 Wide-band LTE antenna magnetic mount with 3m cable Datasheet and STEP files

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