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Pricing model overview

Connectivity products

All default features of IXON Cloud are included with our connectivity options.

Connectivity products – firmware updates included
IXrouter (all models and accessories) One-time purchase
IXagent One-time purchase


IXON Cloud features

Default features – included when you buy at least one device
Default branding (set logo and platform colours) ✓ included
Remote access ✓ fair use policy*
Device management & templates ✓ unlimited devices
Google maps view included
User management ✓ unlimited users
API for enterprise integration or 3rd party solutions ✓ fair use policy
Mobile App ✓ unlimited usage
Support contact (email, phone, support portal) ✓ included


Data Logging & Visualisation Subscription (per device), different
data packages
Templates, export options and unlimited data reports included
Alarming & Notifications One time purchase (per device)
White labelling - Premium company account branding
(custom URL, branded emails, custom legal documentation)
One time purchase
White labelling - Mobile application One time purchase + yearly subscription
for maintenance costs
White labelling - IXrouter with branded front One time purchase per 250 pieces
M2M Cloud Cluster Yearly fee
SLA, upgrade service and response times Yearly service fee

* When data transfer exceeds 10GB per month per company account, IXON has the right to pinch the speed (data throttling).

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