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IIoT is a complex subject to discuss, but its implementation is even more difficult. Yet it offers many new, valuable possibilities. We are more than happy to help you along with a library full of articles with useful tips, manuals and advice.

IXON Data Analysis
20+ must reads on how to turn machine generated data into valuable insights

Wondering what to do with your machine data? In this article you’ll find 5 key topics on data analysis supported by more than 20 articles.

4 min. read
IXON Security Awareness
Why cyber security should be top of mind for machine builders

Make cyber security top of mind as a machine builder and protect your customers and yourself to prevent the consequences of a cyber attack.

4 min. read
Ixon Ctrl Partnership Blog
IXON partners with Bosch Rexroth for their Open Automation System

IXON Cloud is now available within the ctrlX World platform, giving users of ctrlX AUTOMATION access to our remote control solution.

2 min. read
University NY Project IXON
IXON contributes to award-winning senior project of Binghamton University New York students

Five students of Binghamton University New York used the IXON solution for their senior project in the automated pharmacy solutions industry

4 min. read
IXON IEC62443 Subnorms Share
IXON’s IEC 62443 conformance supports machine builders in their IT/OT cyber security

IXON’s industrial network security is in accordance with IEC 62443 standards which helps customers in completing their own compliance.

3 min. read
IXON Solarpanel Data
Step-by-step: How to get data from a PLC using IIoT?

Extract data from your PLC with this 7-step guide. Learn how to get data from your PLC by means of concrete examples in the IXON Cloud.

5 min. read
Adaptability In Manufacturing
The final step to full IIoT maturity in machine manufacturing

Are you ready for the final step in your IIoT implementation? Discover new business models to keep innovating and increase your revenue.

2 min. read
Predictive Capacity And Maintenance In Manufacturing
How predictive capacity should fit into your IIoT implementation plan

Get more value out of your existing data set by implementing predictive capacity. Detect failures before they occur and prevent breakdown.

2 min. read
Industry 4.0 Data Monitoring
Learning from your machines: what if some machine parts never fail?

What if some of your machine parts are 'too' good? Discover how learning from your machines in the field can help you gain more profit.

5 min. read
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