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IIoT is a complex subject to discuss, but its implementation is even more difficult. Yet it offers many new, valuable possibilities. We are more than happy to help you along with a library full of articles with useful tips, manuals and advice.

Dynachem PCB Processing
Cybersecurity is at the core of Dynachem's service strategy

The use of a secure and certified solution enables Dynachem to provide their customers with high value-added service contracts.

4 min. read
20210511 081840A
How Expert Technologies Group sells remote access as a service

Expert’s customers get remote access for free during the project delivery phase. Afterwards the remote access functionality is part of a SLA

4 min. read
SPS Gabriele Preview
IXON attends SPS Italia On Tour in Rimini

The SPS round table brings together the main players in automation around Industry 5.0. Gabriele Galli of IXON participates.

2 min. read
VAI Packaging Design Office
VAI Packaging improves productivity, efficiency and service quality with Industrial IoT

Remote assistance and machine operating data allow VAI Packaging to monitor and optimise its packaging machines.

3 min. read
Shift Selling Technologies To Selling Service In Machine Building Industry
Why machine builders in the packaging industry need to invest in service

It's crucial for machine builders in the packaging industry to invest in service to remain distinctive in the future.

4 min. read
W&H Quote EN
W&H and Multipond integrated a remote access solution into their existing customer portal

W&H and Multipond were looking for a remote access solution to integrate in their customer portal. They chose to rely on IXON's expertise.

4 min. read
Entsorga Factory
How Entsorga uses data storage to improve plant efficiency and sustainability

Data storage and visualisation in IXON Cloud help Entsorga to be increasingly resilient and sustainable with their installations.

4 min. read
Cover Oleobi
SaaS: how on-demand software enables SMEs to think big

Software as a Service: 10 advantages that enable SMEs to implement their digital strategy with low investment.

3 min. read
Bäumer Sophie Access
Albrecht Bäumer's incremental approach to servitization

Bäumer, specialist manufacturer of foam cutting machines, has a strong vision on Industry 4.0 and servitization.

4 min. read
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