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IXrouter3 & SecureEdge Pro

Plants with machines connected to IXON Cloud


Machines connected to IXON


Users connected to IXON


Servers distributed over 13 datacenters

Plants with machines connected to IXON Cloud

Gain access to various industrial devices

Remote firmware updates

Integrated remote access for free

No limitations on users, machines, or VPN data usage.

ISO 27001 certified ISMS

Secure and reliable by design

To protect the plant’s local network, the edge gateway has a built-in firewall and uses a VPN connection to access the cloud.

Highlight your brand

Supports all main PLC brands

Quick and easy access to your machines regardless of the PLC brand and type.

Choose the best device for your machines

Edge gateways


Article number Description Price
IX2400 IXrouter3 Ethernet $ 532
IX2405 IXrouter3 4G/LTE $ 692
IX2410 IXrouter3 Wi-Fi $ 615
IX2415 IXrouter3 4G/LTE & Wi-Fi $ 774
IX6000 SecureEdge Pro Ethernet Request a quote
IX6005 SecureEdge Pro 4G/LTE Request a quote
IX6010 SecureEdge Pro Wi-Fi Request a quote
IX6015 SecureEdge Pro 4G/LTE & Wi-Fi Request a quote



Article number Description Price
IXP504     IXagent - Lifetime license for one device $ 142




Article number Description Price
IX2201 4G/LTE Pentaband antenna rotatable $ 16
IX2202 3G Pentaband antenna magnetic mount with 2m cable $ 30
IX2203 3G Pentaband antenna screw mount with 3m cable, IP67 $ 69
IX2207 Wall mount power supply for IXrouter - US $ 35
IX2209 Wall mount power supply for SecureEdge Pro - US $ 35
IX2205 4G/LTE Wideband antenna screw mount with 3m cable, IP67 $ 58
IX2206 4G/LTE Wideband antenna magnetic whip with 3m cable $ 48
IX2210 Wi-Fi antenna monopole 3cm $ 13
IX2211 Wi-Fi antenna screw mount with 3m cable, IP67 $ 58


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