Protecting your machines and organisations with security by design

Security is a highly complex topic that requires specific know-how. But the burden is not entirely on your shoulders. IXON has the expertise in-house to ensure that your Industrial IoT solution is always up to speed with the latest security standards.

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Security is built into IXON's foundation

Security by design

Security by design

Security is key and ingrained throughout the entire IXON organisation. It's top-of-mind and the foundation of our daily operations, and the products and services we offer.
Data privacy

Data privacy

Keeping your business-critical machine data secure is of utmost importance. We have all processes in place to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Security compliance

Security compliance

Not only do we adhere to the highest security standards in the industry, but IXON's security measures are also regularly verified by external audits.

We promise confidentiality, integrity and availability

No security incidents

No security incidents

We strive to have zero situations that compromise the confidentiality or integrity of our own and our customers' confidential data.

No data loss

No data loss

All useful and confidential data we have, both internally and from our customers, should always be retrievable in case of an emergency (e.g. backups, cloud services, etc.).

Web-based management

99,9% uptime of IXON Cloud

The entire IXON Cloud, including all features and services, must be available and work correctly at least 99.9% of the time.

High-speed VPN

No unacceptable performance issues

All our users should have a seamless experience with all aspects of the IXON Cloud. If there are any uncertainties (slow, unresponsive), it’s our top priority to resolve them.

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Increasing complexity of IoT security in manufacturing

As more machines are connected to the internet, the threat of cyber attacks increases exponentially. As a result, the demand for security and the questions around this topic from customers to machine builders increase as well. With new threats, patches and frameworks coming to light every day, security is a complex topic. 

To keep up, IXON has a dedicated security officer who keeps on top of all security aspects, so that we can ensure a reliable and trustworthy IIoT solution now and tomorrow. Our security experts also help customers with limited specialist knowledge along the way.

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Keeping factory and machine networks secure

Our connectivity products have embedded security measurements in place to meet both operational technology (OT) and IT requirements. This will keep machines secure over time, and consistent security updates can be published remotely to save on maintenance time.

The IXrouter’s firewall separates the machine from the internal factory network, so the customer's network runs no risk of cyber attacks via incoming connections to the machine. The setup is easy, reduces human errors, is firewall friendly and meets IT policies as no open ports are necessary. IXON only uses outgoing connections for optimum protection of the company network and machine.

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Securing the internal organisation

Our IIoT solution delivers all tools to fully manage access for your machines and its data. With role-based access control, 2-factor authentication and audit trails you are able to maintain and control your processes and people in any circumstance.

In IXON’s internal organisation security is a key topic throughout all levels of the company. We have our processes and policies in place to ensure optimally secure products and services for our customers.

IXON security measures

Extensive cloud security

The IXON Cloud is a scalable and intelligent server network of over 100 servers, distributed worldwide and located in ISO 27001-certified data centres. Some of the security measures we have in place to maximise our cloud security are: 

  • Encryption of traffic
  • Patch management
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Continuous server health monitoring
  • Restricting server access
  • Data back-ups
ISO logos international industry security standards

Compliance with industry standards

IXON complies with international industry security standards: ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 27017 (cloud security), ISO 27701 (privacy) and IEC 62443 (security & hardware development). This includes recurring and rigorous third-party audits that test, verify and continuously improve our products and services to meet the lastest security requirements.

The IXON Machine Security Compliance Framework details key security considerations for machine builders to develop and keep machines secure during the entire lifecycle.