Security is key

The security of your data and machines is of the utmost importance, and IXON understands this. Between our in-house security office, third-party audits, 24/7 monitoring, and ISO-27001 certified data centers, we guarantee that you will meet the highest security standards.

Dylan Eikelenboom,
Security Officer

Security is a continuous process that must be monitored and optimized daily. Our management and information security system is based on the ISO-27001 standardization. The Deming circle is applied to ensure regular improvement.

DigiTrust ISO 27001

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The IXrouter and IXON Cloud are regularly audited by external parties. These audits vary from automated vulnerability scans to in-depth security checks by ethical hackers.

Centralized logging

Each minute, over a thousand events take place within the IXON server network. These worldwide events are logged in one central place. Abnormal events are immediately detected and all information is available for detailed forensic research in the event of a security incident.

24/7 monitoring

The entire IXON infrastructure, servers, and applications are being monitored 24/7. This gives our team insight into server health and any active issues so they can take appropriate action before the user encounters a problem.

Certified data centers

IXON Cloud servers run in virtual environments from the most respected data centres around the world. These ISO-27001 certified data centres have physical security, 24/7/365 monitoring and a defence-in-depth layered security model.

Two factor authentication

Users are the greatest security risk to your company, so protect yourself with an iron-clad login system.

Audit trail

Maintain consistent insight into the activities of your company account’s users.

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