Cybersecurity is at the core of Dynachem's service strategy


Dynachem Automatic Lamination Technologies is a global leading company. They are the only company in Europe specialized in building machines for laminating printed circuit boards. The company chose IXON Cloud because of its high security guarantees. 


The high level of technology and quality of service has allowed Dynachem to establish itself as the only manufacturer in Europe of laminating machines for printed circuit boards.

''For geopolitical reasons, we have seen an increase in requests from customers in Europe and the U.S. over the past year. These are markets that prefer quality over quantity and therefore prefer European manufacturers. The same is happening in the increasingly demanding Asian market,' said Luca Sabatino, technical director at Dynachem.

PCB processing in the vacuum rolling process PCB processing in the vacuum rolling process

The choice of a remote assistance solution arose from demand from both the domestic (20%) and international (80%) markets. 

The company has focused on security from the beginning. In fact, their customers supply large batches of electronics and semiconductors. Remote access to production machines is allowed through very strict computer security protocols and only through the use of certified solutions.

Quote from Luca Sabatino Technical Director at Dynachem

SmartLam 5200 laminator. Processing photosensitive products such as dry film requires an environment illuminated by lamps with a lower UV component.
SmartLam 5200 laminator. Processing photosensitive products such as dry film requires an environment illuminated by lamps with a lower UV component.


The security of the platform goes hand in hand with user-friendliness. Web accessibility and the possibility of establishing a remote connection via VPN, without the installation of additional software, is perceived as an unobtrusive solution by the customer.

Remote assistance is also particularly useful for operator training: upon installation, the customer's technicians receive training on the optimal use of the machines. However, due to high staff turnover, constant support from the machine builder is necessary.


A VPN solution has the advantage of not having to install additional software, which requires special permissions that the customer may find inconvenient.

Luca Sabatino – Technical Director at Dynachem


Servitization and sustainability for greater competitive advantage

Periodic maintenance interventions are part of service contracts purchased by the customer. The interventions are carried out regularly on an annual basis, pre-arranged and based on reports on machine operation. Constant monitoring allows critical components to be replaced in time. This prevents waste and drastically reduces downtime and costly repairs. The customer experiences this service as very valuable.

Part of the services also includes the monitoring of energy consumption. Each machine is equipped with a panel exclusively for displaying consumption. Through a remote connection, Dynachem technicians can view the machine's electrical energy consumption.

solder-spray-coater-smartspray-a24-dynachemHomepage with main machine data

smartspray-a24-dynachemMaintenance list


The pursuit of greater sustainability also occurs through constant R&D improvement activities. This applies both to optimizing the electrical and pneumatic consumption of the machines and to the sustainability of the materials used in their construction.

These requirements are usually made explicit in supply agreements of returning customers. In these, the customer explicitly states the percentage consumption reduction between the machines of one delivery and the next, usually about 10 percent per year. ''A year is a short time span, but the design choices are always made consciously to save energy,'' Sabatino explains. Therefore, constant monitoring of consumption and regular sharing of KPI reports allows the manufacturer to improve the operation of the machines and meet delivery commitments.