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Industrial remote access made for machine builders

Is setting up access to your machines taking up too much valuable time? Reduce on-site visits and simplify remote access configuration with IXON Cloud: the all-in-one IIoT solution that makes it easy to remotely access your industrial machine equipment in a secure way.

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Remote connection to your machine equipment across the world

Simplified remote PLC access
Commission, service and maintain your machine throughout its entire lifecycle in one central platform with remote PLC access over VPN.
Monitor your machines at any time
Control and monitor your machines at any time – no matter where you are – with instant remote access to your PLC, HMI or robot from your smartphone or browser.
Increase machine uptime
Get instant ROI and boost customer satisfaction with industrial remote access by troubleshooting the machine’s PLC at the first sign of an issue.

Reliable and user-friendly industrial remote access

High-speed VPN

Set up a stable and high-speed remote connection to your PLC, HMI, IPC, robots & IP cameras from your browser. Your machines will automatically connect to the nearest VPN server in the IXON Cloud network.


Get instant remote access to your control panels via your mobile device without the need for local VPN clients. View diagnostic information, status or configuration via the HMI or local web server in your PLC, robot or teach pendants.

No user licenses

With IXON Cloud, you don't have to make unsafe concessions while still providing everyone with access to their machines. The centralised platform allows for license-free and secure collaboration with colleagues and customers.


Our no-code solution is easy to use for both technical and non-technical users. The Plug & Play installation of the IXrouter ensures easy and quick setup for remote service. With great usability at the core, we ensure your valuable time is not wasted.

Remote access solution

All-in-one solution for industrial remote access

The IXON solution is fully integrated from edge hardware to cloud. No additional software is required. Simply connect our industrial VPN router, the IXrouter, to the machine and the internet, and you've got remote PLC access set up. IXON Cloud offers various industrial remote access solutions:

  • Secure VPN connection to access PLC software remotely
  • Remote access over VNC to HMI screens to control machine panels
  • HTTP for web-based insight into machine settings or access to webcams
  • Use WebSocket to monitor specific traffic

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Reducing risks with Security by Design

To protect the plant’s local network, the IXrouter has a built-in firewall and uses a VPN connection to access the IXON Cloud. The advanced RBAC user management system and 2FA enforcement prevents unauthorised users from accessing machines or advanced settings. IXON’s ISO 27001-based security management system (IMS) is in place to protect against vulnerabilities.

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IXON Cloud security by design
Compatible with all standards

Compatible with all standards

The IXrouter can be connected to your PLCs, HMIs, IP cameras, robots, sensors and other machine control components, and is compatible with all major PLC brands such as Siemens, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi. 

IXON supports a wide array of industrial communication protocols such as OPC-UA, ModBus and Siemens S7 (view all here). You can monitor your machines in the IXON Cloud platform on all Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

Beyond VPN: Implementing IIoT

Ready for the next step of your IIoT journey? Get started with machine performance analysis. Create your own live or historical machine dashboards and analyse the data to optimise your machine’s productivity. IXON aims to make IIoT implementation easier for machine builders all around the world.

Machine data visualisation in IXON Cloud

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