Manage users and access rights for easy and secure collaboration

Get full control over access rights with the advanced user management system in IXON Cloud. Work together with colleagues, partners and customers in a flexible way – without user licenses.

IXON Cloud Powerful User Management

Work together in one IIoT portal

Advanced user management

Advanced user management

Give each type of user the right machine access and tools. Fully managed online with role-based access control (RBAC).

Customizable service portal

Customise your own service portal

Create your own service platform with your company branding and engage with internal and external users in a secure way.

Improve customer loyalty

Strengthen customer loyalty

Provide customers access to their machines so that they can gain insight into the status, and productivity of their machines.

Full flexibility with advanced user management

Unlimited users

Unlimited users

Invite an unlimited number of users to your IoT portal. Quick, easy and secure with email invitations and 2-factor authentication.

Roles and groups

Roles and groups

Manage machine access with web-based configuration per user, group, role or machine and build a scalable environment for different user types.

Set user permissions

Set permissions

Control who can use which features to perform service, monitoring and analysis. Set up the configuration completely to your liking.

Collaborate within one portal

Easy collaboration

Collaborate with customers for machine monitoring, analysis and optimisation. Resolve malfunctions together and gain insight in one easy-to-use portal.

Role based user access control

Role-based user management on IXON Cloud

Easily manage all users, roles and custom groups within your own IXON Cloud account. Invite new users just by entering their email address. You can then modify access rights and permissions per role, machine or custom group.

This way every type of user is restricted to the information that matters to them. Whether they're (service) engineers, operators, managers or partners.

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Secure by design from machine to cloud

Secure control of machine access

Restrict unauthorised access with IXON Cloud’s extended security features. The built-in password policy and ways to force 2-factor authentication prevent unwanted access, and the audit trail shows admins a log of who was connected or made specific modifications.

The IXON Cloud is GDPR-proof and legally covered with terms of use acceptance. You can even upload your own terms and conditions. Additionally, an extensive ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System and the associated best practices guarantee that we always give information security the focus it deserves.