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Work together in one IIoT portal

Easy but advanced machine access
Give each type of user the right machine access and tools. Fully managed online with role-based access control (RBAC).
Customise your own service portal
Make IXON Cloud your own machine service portal and customise it to your needs with logo, custom views and machine access restrictions. Set up in minutes.
Strengthen customer loyalty
Provide customers access to their machines so that they can gain insight into machine status and productivity.
Add unlimited users

Invite an unlimited number of users to your IoT portal. Quick, easy and secure with email invitations.

Users, roles and groups

Manage machine access with web-based configuration per user, group, role or machine and 2-factor authentication.

The right insights for each type of user

You control who can use which features to perform service, monitoring and analysis. Set up the configuration completely to your liking.

Solution for machine builder and factory owner

Collaborate with customers in one tool for machine monitoring, analysis and optimisation. Resolve malfunctions and gain insight in one easy-to-use portal.

Role-based user management on IXON Cloud

Stay in control of each user's access rights.

Via the IXON Cloud platform you can easily manage all users, roles and custom groups within your company account. Invite new users by entering their email address. You can then modify access rights per role, machine or custom group.

This way every type of user can only access the information that matters to them. Whether they're (service) engineers, customers, managers or partners.

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  • Look back in time using the audit trail to see who was connected or made a specific modification
  • Stop unauthorised access with the built-in password policy and force two-factor authentication
  • GDPR-proof and legally covered with terms of use acceptance
  • ISO-27001 certified ISMS

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