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Our story

IXON was founded in 2014 to address an increasing demand from machine builders to be able to connect machines to the cloud. Founder and current CEO Willem Hofmans previously customized software and electronics – mainly for machine builders – under the company name Wivion.

After working on over 100 projects spanning more than a decade, he and his colleagues realized that connecting machines to the cloud was incredibly complex. He founded IXON to make cloud connection easier and more accessible for machine builders and users.

What we do

The main purpose of machine building is to provide highly efficient machines and equipment that work as production tools for all branches of the worldwide economy. Our mission is to support machine builders in their work by offering the most secure and user-friendly IIoT and remote access solutions.

The IXON Team

Thanks to an experienced and dedicated team of software, hardware, and cloud developers, we’ve developed an all-in-one solution that easily connects machines to the cloud.

Job opportunities

The road to the future

Day in and day out, we remain in contact with a group of highly skilled engineers and managers in the industrial machinery business. Their in-depth experience and vested interest in IXON’s products and services results in valuable knowledge for our company. The combination of this knowledge and the IXON vision drives our roadmap, which is built on three pillars:

1. Plug & Play

Machine builders big and small, from all regions of the world, should be able to benefit from our products and services from day one. User-friendliness is one of the top criteria for all IXON products and services.

2. Reduce downtime and improve performance

Our mission is to help machine builders dramatically reduce downtime and greatly improve the performance of their machines. That’s why comprehensive analytics and reporting tools for OEE and TPM are a key part of our roadmap.

3. Security and distributed storage

Customers entrust their complete Industrial IoT security to us, and every part of our roadmap is executed with security in mind. Machines generate a lot of valuable data, resulting in questions about who owns the data, where the data is stored, and who can access it. Potential answers include new technologies like distributed storage.

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