Next generation connectivity for industrial machines

Meet the most secure, reliable and accessible way to connect the PLC, HMI or industrial PC of your machines to the cloud.


Plants with machines connected to IXON


Machines connected to IXON


Users connected to IXON


Servers distributed over 13 datacenters

Plants with machines connected to IXON Cloud

Benefits of IXON


Plug & play connectivity

You will have these devices installed within minutes. No IT or programming knowledge required.

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Security compliance

Security by design

Our devices are equipped with the highest security measures to protect the company network and customer data.

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Advanced user control

Integrated remote access

All users and flee in one place. No limitations on users, machines, or VPN data usage.

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Different connectivity options

IXrouter Industrial VPN router
IXagent Embedded software agent

Choosing the IXrouter or the IXagent?

The IXrouter is our recommended connectivity option. The IXagent is recommended if you want to connect to only one machine, and don't want to buy extra hardware.

Functionality IXrouter IXagent
Lifelong VPN    
User management (two-factor-authentation)    
Data logging / Alarms    Supported by selected agents only
Runs on PC/PLC hardware    
Built-in firewall    
5x 1GBs LAN/WAN ports    

Discover how fellow machine builders are using IXON to stay connected to their machines and customers.