IXagent: The software agent for IXON Cloud

Securely connect any device to the IXON Cloud

Install the IXagent on your controller and connect these, without any additional hardware, directly to IXON Cloud. Gain instant access to all IXON Cloud features like remote VPN access, data logging and alarming. Save money and time by choosing the robust IXagent for a secure and lifelong connection to IXON Cloud.

Ixagent icon

Cross-platform access to IXON Cloud

Every device can find it's way to IXON Cloud.

Platform IXagent installer
Raspberry Request installer
Linux (debian + ubuntu) 32-bit, 64-bit. Request installer
Windows 7 or higher 32-bit, 64-bit. Request installer
Wago PFC100, PFC200. Request installer
Phoenix Contact Download in PLCnext store
Berghof Request installer
Option Cloudgate Request installer
Turck Request installer


Encrypted VPN tunnels

The IXagent connects to a VPN server within the IXON Cloud infrastructure. It always automatically seeks the correct service and fastest available server. This gives you worldwide access to every device.

100% secure for your customers

Assure your customers of a secure connection. The embedded agent sets up a secure (outgoing) connection using strong encryption techniques. IXON's Certificate Authority system prevents Man-in-the-Middle attacks, and a fixed IP address or opening firewall ports are no longer necessary.

Data logging and alarms

Gain access to the data in your machine devices with data logging, fully managed on IXON Cloud. The IXagent supports protocols such as OPC-UA, Modbus TCP, Siemens S7, Ethernet/IP and BACnet.

The IXagent also actively monitors machine controls for certain events. In case of a trigger, users are informed about the event via IXON Cloud.

Local data analysis on the edge

The IXagent analyses machine data locally to reduce the amount of data sent to IXON Cloud. For example, only send the maximum value in an hour.

MQTT for data transfer

Using the MQTT connection, IXON Cloud sends commands and configurations to the IXagent. This in turn sends status reports, data and notifications to IXON Cloud.

Software updates

IXON always continues developing. Always up to date with new features to get even more out of your devices.

Choosing the IXrouter or the IXagent?

The IXrouter is our recommended connectivity option. The IXagent is recommended if you want to connect to only one machine, and don't want to buy extra hardware.

Functionality IXrouter IXagent
Lifelong VPN    
User management (two-factor-authentation)    
Data logging / Alarms    Supported by selected agents only
Runs on PC/PLC hardware    
Built-in firewall    
5x 1GBs LAN/WAN ports