An open IIoT platform, ready to adapt to your needs

IXON's open APIs provide you with maximum flexibility to integrate with 3rd party solutions to meet your project requirements.
Rely on IXON for an expandable and future-proof IoT solution. 

Build your IoT infrastructure on top of open APIs

Monitor your machines at any time_

Save time by automating configuration workflows

Save time and deploy your machines using automated configuration workflows. Network configuration, firewall settings, machine registration and router activation: these steps can be fully automated by using IXON's APIs.

Pre-built widgets

Maximum flexibility with access to all features

Each feature of IXON Cloud is available through the API. You can access all features in IXON directly from your own application. You can also extract operational data and transfer it to external applications.

Each feature is available

Rely on an open and future-proof solution

You don't have to worry about vendor lock-in or future integrations. With our public and well-documented open APIs, you have maximum flexibility to develop your own best-of-breed IoT solution, securely and reliably.

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“The way we work with IXON saves us a lot of time and optimizes our processes. We already have 25 custom components available in IXON Cloud, but there’s more to come.”

Thomas Stoopendaal

Software Engineer at Niverplast

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“The IXON platform meets all our needs and allows us to make customizations to adapt to customer requirements“

Oriol Miarnau

Automation Engineer at TMI


“The IXON Cloud solution is dedicated to the future: open to integrations, with widgets that are easy to build and use, unlike other systems that have a lock-in.''

Matteo Hon Fucci

Software Engineering Manager at Sica


No vendor lock-in equals Open APIs

IXON Cloud consists of well-documented public REST API, web hooks and SDKs. Each feature in IXON Cloud is exposed through an open API. This ensures smooth and future-proof integrations with your business applications. It also prolongs the lifetime value of your current IT investments while avoiding a vendor lock-in.

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Integrate with 3rd party applications

Securely exchange data logged on your machines with other applications for e.g. data analysis, customer support, invoicing, or spare part management. IXON’s open APIs and web hooks allow you to easily exchange data between your OT and IT systems. With a ready-to-use and proven platform and flexible integration options you’ll quickstart your own IoT projects. Secure, scalable, and ready for future growth.

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API automated workflow

Easy machine configuration

Fully automate the configuration workflows for the deployment of new equipment. Via IXON's APIs, you can automatically push the correct  configuration settings for each customer, directly from your ERP or CRM system. This IT/OT integration will save you time and hassle.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the IXON API work in detail?

The APIv2 is the open public API of IXON. It can be used to communicate with your IXrouter, IXagent or your Historical data.

The APIv2 allows you to integrate IXON's functionalities and data seamlessly with other IT systems, and supports five types of requests: GET, POST, PATCH, PUT and DELETE. Each request consists of at least a URL and one or more headers. Additionally, fields and filters can be added to get a more organized data response.

Note that an Application ID is required: endpoints can solely be reached when a valid Application ID is provided. Therefore, when you want to use the APIv2 you need to request an Application ID first. Please contact your Sales representative to get started.

Do you have an overview of the API endpoints?

Yes, you can find a description of each of the API endpoints on our Developer Portal. This portal also contains other useful information for technical experts already working with / considering to integrate with IXON Cloud.

Can I get support when working with your APIs?

Yes, we offer Premium Development Support to IXON customers who want to make use of the APIs and/or develop their own extensions using the AppEngine.

With Premium Development Support, you'll collaborate directly with a dedicated IXON software specialist who can advise you on architectural and software design choices. You will also get access to a set of development tools, sample code and code reviews. This will help you build new software applications in IXON Cloud more effectively. For more information, please visit the Premium Development Support page.

Where can I find the API documentation?

Our APIs are fully documented. You can find them here.


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