Reliable data logging to any cloud using MQTT

    With IXON, you can log machine data to any public cloud, such as Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.  Secure, reliable and easy. 

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    Open in more than one way

    Logging data to a 3rd party MQTT broker lets you transfer historical machine data to any system or cloud, allowing flexible processing, analysis, and visualization of your data.

    Ideal for users of IXON’s remote access  solution who want to build their IoT solution on top of a public cloud, or those transitioning from a third-party cloud to IXON. This feature is an integral part of IXON’s remote access solution, and will give you maximum freedom to log and use machine data the way you choose! 

    MQTT secure and reliable data logging

    Secure and reliable data logging

    IXON's solution captures both historical and live equipment data, and seamlessly sends these to your preferred system or cloud. 

    • Security first: secure and reliable data logging is supported by using encrypted connections, prioritizing security.
    • Local data buffering: in case of network interruptions, data loss is prevented by temporarily storing data locally on the router, and then syncing these with the MQTT broker again once the network connection is restored.

    Easy configuration

    Using IXON to setup your MQTT connection is easy and fast. 

    • No scripting needed: easy configuration rather than scripting code minimizes setup errors and facilitates easy review and debugging.
    • Live data visibility: live data remains visible in IXON Cloud, which makes it easy to review how MQTT is used.
    • All protocols supported: you can log data from any device using Ethernet/IP, Modbus, MELSEC, OPC UA, Siemens S7 and more, and send it straight to your MQTT broker.

    IXON: the trusted partner of machine builders worldwide

    Frequently asked questions

    Why use IXON for data logging to an MQTT broker?

    IXON is the only vendor who offers secure, reliable and easy data logging to any MQTT broker and public cloud, without paying an additional fee. As Premium Remote Access solution, the IXrouter default offers local data buffering, can be visually configured, and sends data over encrypted connections. Moreover, our industrial VPN router is compatible with common PLC brands such as Siemens, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi, and supports all major protocols including Modbus, OPC UA, MELSEC, Siemens S7 and Ethernet/IP. Also good to know: the ability to log data to a public cloud via MQTT is default included with the IXrouter, and requires no additional fee, regardless of number of users or machines, simultaneous connections and how much data you are logging.

    How do I set up a connection with my MQTT broker or public IoT cloud?

    The IXrouter uniquely offers secure data logging to any MQTT broker or IoT cloud without having to go through cumbersome and error-prone scripting first. To set up an MQTT connection with a 3rd party broker or public cloud you can use the visual wizard in IXON, which typically only takes a few minutes.

    Can I use data logging if I suffer from poor network connectivity with my MQTT broker?

    Yes. By default, IXON's industrial VPN router offers local data buffering. This means that it continues to collect data from the PLC or IPC even when the connection with your IoT cloud cloud or MQTT server is slow or unavailable. As soon as the connection with the broker is restored, all data will be sent. This way, you always have a reliable connection between your machine fleet and your MQTT broker, without the risk of losing data.

    How much does data logging to an MQTT broker cost?

    Short answer: nothing! Data logging to an MQTT broker or public cloud is default included with the IXON edge gateway (IXrouter). You only pay for the IXrouter, and will receive lots of other functionalities such as VPN and WebAccess,  fleet management, SSO, and a smartphone app for free. We also put no restrictions on the number of users, machines, and concurrent VPN connections, or on the amount of data logged.
    Check out the pricing page for the details, or get in touch with one of our experts for more information.

    Can I try this MQTT feature myself?

    Yes, to eligible machine builders we offer a free evaluation kit which you can use for 30 days, to test out the MQTT feature (and with that, many other features as well) in your own environment. The kit consists of the IXrouter3 with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G connection. A user manual and all accessories are included as well. All you have to do is fill out the evaluation request form, and we will get back in touch with you for next steps.
    And promised: no strings attached!

    With our IXrouter, you can start logging data to an MQTT broker right away.