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Discover the most secure, reliable and easy way to connect the PLC, HMI or industrial PC of your machines to the cloud. 


Plug & play connectivity

You will have these devices installed within minutes. No IT or programming knowledge required.

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Security compliance

Security by design

Our devices are equipped with the highest security measures to protect the company network and customer data.

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Advanced user control

Integrated remote access

All users and flee in one place. No limitations on users, machines, or VPN data usage.

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It only takes 3 simple steps to order your kit:


Step 1: Submit your request

By submitting your evaluation request using the form, our team will follow up by scheduling a call with you.

Step 2: Get on the call

In the call, we'd like to discuss your objectives and specific use cases you want to try out during the evaluation. 

Step 3: Start your evaluation

You receive the free 30-day evaluation kit consisting of the IXrouter3 with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G connection*. A user manual and all accessories are included as well. 

After your trial period

No strings attached. After completing the evaluation, you decide on what next steps should be. Our experts will be ready to help and guide you towards the best possible solution.


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*  For the U.S. market, different rules may apply. Our experts can help you with these.