Receive warnings about important machine events

Immediately ensure that the right people are informed in the event of a machine malfunction with smart alarms and notifications. Take immediate action wherever you are, and prevent long machine standstill with the IXON Cloud alarming feature.

IXON Alarm Management and notifications

Instantly aware of machine malfunctions

No more unplanned downtime

Less unplanned downtime

Operators and engineers are immediately informed when something is wrong with the machine. Send instructions along about what they can do to help resolve the issue.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Continue to be involved and provide high quality service. Discover patterns in machine data, and get notified when a visit should be planned for (preventive) maintenance.

Web-based alarm configuration

Web-based configuration

Manage all your alarms, triggers, recipients and priorities on IXON Cloud - without having to write a single line of code.

Receive machine alerts in any situation

Set alarm preferences

Set alarm preferences

Decide how you want to be notified, set the priority of each alarm and choose which users or groups should receive an alert about certain machines or equipment.

Multi-device accessibility

Multi-device accessibility

Receive alarms and notifications wherever you are via your tablet, smartphone or e-mail and check whether immediate action should be taken.

Edge to cloud alarm handling

Edge to cloud alarm handling

Always a reliable delivery of email messages, without having to install and maintain SMTP servers. Thanks to the seamless integration from edge to cloud.

Instant informed about machine events

Always informed

All device connections are constantly monitored by IXON Cloud. You'll immediately receive an alarm when a connection drops because of a power outage or (network) error.

Reduce machine downtime with reliable alarms

Reduce long downtime with reliable alarms

Never miss a machine malfunction again. Configure an unlimited number of alarm triggers on the IXON Cloud, compiled from data variables and the protocol used to read the data from the PLC. Set the recipients and priority of each alarm, and the IXrouter immediately starts monitoring.

When an alarm meets the trigger criteria, you’ll instantly receive a notification via the IXON Cloud through a push message, email or webhook via a secure and direct connection. This helps you to act immediately and prevent long downtime of your machines.

IXON alarm management from machine to notification

Never miss a single notification

IXON Cloud supports several communication protocols like OPC-UA, Modbus TCP, Siemens IOS, Ethernet/IP, BacNet and SMTP to monitor machine data for alarmings. 100% of notifications are delivered.

Get insight into all previous notifications with an alarm log per machine and never miss another warning whilst your device is unexpectedly offline with connection notifications. IXON’s alarming function also can be fully integrated with external Incident Management Systems via API or Webhooks.