Your customised service portal, ready without any coding.

Looking for a custom machine service and management platform? But put off by the high investment? IXON’s off-the-shelf IIoT solution is completely customisable to your needs and company branding, without high costs or manpower needed. White labelling makes IXON invisible to your customers.

IIoT platform white labelling

Create a trusted environment for your customers

Increase customer lifetime value

Increase customer lifetime value

Your custom machine portal opens the door to new value-added business models. Set up recurring revenue streams to maximise the value of your machines.

Boost customer satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction

Make your customers happier by granting access to their machines and sharing insights via your own IoT portal. Stay involved throughout the entire lifecycle of your machine for higher customer loyalty.

Fast go-to-market

Rapid go-to-market

Questioning if you should build your own IoT portal? IXON Cloud facilitates rapid, low-cost deployment of a custom portal. Use it as is, white label it or even build upon it. You choose.

Our software. Your solution.

Customisable from Edge to Cloud

Customisable from Edge to Cloud

Not only will the online platform look like it's yours, you can extend your branding to the hardware and even the mobile application.

Highlight your brand

Highlight your brand

Create visibility for your company during your customer’s day-to-day business. Get a competitive advantage and strengthen your customer loyalty.

Extensive configuration

Extensive configuration

Beyond branding, the extensive configuration options ensure the solution is designed around you and your customers’ requirements.

Free unlimited users

Unlimited invites

Invite all your customers to the platform, create specific access roles and set two factor authentication to ensure maximum security.

IXON IIoT platform white labelling

Customise your platform interface

Create a complete IoT environment that’s fully recognisable for your customers to strengthen customer loyalty. Make your very own (customer) platform with little cost at a fast pace. IXON Cloud offers a variety of options to help you brand the platform, such as White Label Standard and White Label Premium. With IXON Studio, you can even customise the portal view and machine dashboards to best fit you and your customers.

  • Your own logo
  • Company colours
  • URL and login page customisation
  • Custom Terms of Use and Privacy Statement
IXrouter edge gateway white labelling

White label the edge hardware

Your branding doesn’t stop in the cloud. The IXrouter is an integral part of the IXON solution, and you can continue to extend your branding to the hardware. Simply replace the IXON branding with a custom design so your visibility extends into the control panel.

Discover the IXrouter
IXON mobile app white labelling

Get a custom mobile app

Your own application in the app store? Creating and maintaining apps takes expert knowledge and time investment. Don't worry, IXON's dedicated team of developers will happily take care of it for you.

Get your own custom app to fully complete your white labelled solution. An identical app to the IXON Portal, but published under your name and including your corporate identity. With this, your customers can access and control their machines’ PLC and HMI everywhere in the world from your mobile app. 

Secure by design, for machine and your customer

Minimise security risks with shared responsibility

Cyber security should be top priority. You need to have a stable and secure basis that ensures a solid IoT solution for your customers. With a SaaS solution, you can hand over most security responsibilities to your cloud provider. 

IXON Cloud is secure by design. We ensure 24/7 monitoring, continuous development and improvement, according to the IEC 62443 norm and a certified ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 security management system.

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