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Experience the benefits of IoT in a custom portal

  • Arranged completely to your liking

    Set up IXON Cloud as your own remote service portal. The power of a proven standard solution with the freedom of customisation.

  • Increase your revenue with IoT

    Enough talking, get started with tailor-made IoT today. Experience the benefits right away and easily scale up in the future.

  • Advise your customers

    Give your customer access to their machine via your own IoT portal with custom corporate identity and URL. Give advice about optimisations and strengthen relationships.

IXON Cloud - White labelling Industrial IoT Platform Animation
Your business. Your platform.

We believe that a familiar environment from a trusted partner is key to convince your customers of the reliability of your IoT solution.

Ready for the future

With IXON Cloud you can start small, but you always have the right tools at hand to start scaling up in the future. Industry 4.0 ready: think big, start small, scale fast.

Security and maintenance guaranteed

You no longer have to worry about maintaining a secure solution. Always equipped with the latest features and 24/7 monitoring by dedicated developers.

Complete white labelling - from hardware to platform

Replace IXON with your own brand – on the IXrouter, the platform and the application. White label the complete solution with custom domain and branded emails.

How can you white label the IXON Cloud?

Launch your own remote service platform with your corporate colors, logo and URL.

From login page to detail page, set up the entire IXON Cloud environment in your own corporate identity. All messages, notifications and emails will automatically be provided in your brand. Even modify the details on IXON Cloud's contact page, so that your customers can see where to go if they have any questions. You can completely set it up yourself on the IXON Cloud platform.

Want to replace IXON with your brand completely? We offer even more white label options: hardware, platform and mobile application in your own corporate identity and under your company name. A complete IoT environment that's immediately familiar for your customer.

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Added value for your customers

  • Provide your customers access to productivity insights
  • Implement new business models such as pay per use
  • Prevent issues by offering preventive or predictive maintenance
  • Give advice to your customers about their machines, based on data insights and your specialised knowledge

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Besides white labelling, you can also manage user rights, troubleshoot machines remotely and receive machine notifications. Continue for this, and more.

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