A dedicated network and permanent VPN connection between all your devices

M2M Cloud Cluster is an add-on for IXON Cloud for a permanent and secure VPN connection for up to 1.500 devices. In addition to all default IXON Cloud features, you have your own private network to centrally collect data or monitor systems.

M2M Cloud Cluster - dedicated VPN network

A permanent VPN connection to any device

Dedicated network

Dedicated network

External systems are always within reach. A continuous, secure VPN connection between your machines and buildings in your own private network.

Central monitoring

Central monitoring

Manage up to 1.500 machines or buildings per cluster, get instant access to and insights into your data via IXON Cloud, your web server or data acquisition system.

Simple installation

Simple installation

New installations are connected in no time with the Plug & Play set-up of the IXrouter, which saves you time and money.

Private network for secure permanent device access

High-speed VPN

Low latency

With IXON's worldwide VPN server network, you are always assured of the fastest connection. No fixed IP address, no port forwarding and no more firewall stress.

ISO 27001 certified ISMS

ISO 27001 certified ISMS

24/7 monitoring, maintenance and security are taken care of by IXON. A robust solution for secure access to your machines, BMS and HVAC systems.

Advanced user control

Advanced user control

With extensive user management and the audit trail, you have insight into and control over who has access. Easy, advanced and web-based.

Works with all IXON features

Works with all features

All features of IXON Cloud are available, including mobile VPN, data logging and alarming via protocols such as OPC-UA, BACnet and ModBus.

M2M Cluster for cockpit dashboards from multiple devices

What is M2M Cloud Cluster

M2M Cloud Cluster allows you to create a dedicated network between all devices and machines in your company. Because of its permanent connection there is always a VPN tunnel present between two or more networks behind a router.

This enables you to create a monitoring system that continuously retrieves data from various machines and installations to collect and visualise data at a central location, for example in an external tool for cockpit dashboards.

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M2M Cloud Cluster

How to get started with M2M Cloud Cluster

Set up your account on the IXON Cloud platform, and connect your installation to your IXON Cloud account by following the IXrouter's simple installation steps. IXON provides you with a VPN certificate, which you should install on your own (local) server. This server instantly gains access to all your installations in the cluster via a permanent VPN connection. Manage up to 1.500 systems within one single M2M Cloud Cluster.

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Secure by design IXON Cloud

Easy and secure for you and your customer

IXON’s M2M Cloud Cluster offers a secure and reliable connection from one to many or many to many devices in the field. Due to the solid base IXON has to offer, you can count on a secure and easy setup:

  • ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System
  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance by dedicated specialists
  • No fixed IP address, no port forwarding and no more firewall stress
  • Flexible and scalable – easily add devices as you grow.