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Patrick Smits
Last update: 09-09-2021

Remote Access for Beckhoff PLC, IPC and HMI

How to get secure remote VPN access to Beckhoff PLC, HMI and IPC

Set up a safe connection from your PC or mobile to a Beckhoff IPC or PLC to remotely resolve malfunctions, and to improve the productivity and efficiency of your machine or installation. All this is made possible with the IXON Cloud platform. Using IXON Cloud you can instantly access your Beckhoff PLC, IPC or HMI remotely over a secure VPN tunnel through IXON’s remote service tool. 

  1. Introduction into IXON Cloud: Remote Service and IIoT platform
  2. Connectivity for Beckhoff PLC, HMI and IPC
  3. How to connect the Beckhoff PLC with IXON Cloud
  4. Remote access to Beckhoff HMIs and web servers
  5. How to read data from Beckhoff PLCs
  6. Alarms and dashboards
  7. Try IXON Cloud 30 days with our Starter Kit
Beckhoff product range for remote access via IXON Cloud Beckhoff product range for remote access via IXON Cloud


Explore IXON Cloud for remote VPN access to Beckhoff PLC

IXON offers a complete and powerful industrial remote access and IoT platform for the Beckhoff product range: IXON Cloud. An easy, fast and secure remote service portal for engineers around the world for remote troubleshooting, monitoring, maintenance, and support. Get instant access to Beckhoff controller software and network to access logs, adjust settings or publish software releases from anywhere.

Benefits of using IXON Cloud for Beckhoff PLC, IPC and HMI devices:

  • A single web portal to manage all your machines and user access rights
  • Plug & Play setup with no additional software needed (fully web-based)
  • Support for Ethernet (LAN), 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity with the IXrouter or just install the IXagent software on your Windows 10 devices
  • Secure VPN connections via desktop and mobile
  • Top-level security
  • Futureproof and scalable to your (customers’) needs with additional IoT features for data logging, storage, alarming and data visualisation.

Explore all IXON Cloud features

IXON Cloud - Remote Service Portal IXON Cloud - Remote Service Portal


Remote access connectivity for Beckhoff

IXagent: remote access for Beckhoff Windows 10 IPCs 

The IXagent is an affordable and secure VPN solution that allows your Beckhoff Industrial PCs to be accessed from anywhere for remote service and maintenance purposes. This embedded software solution is compatible with Windows 10 devices from Beckhoff, allowing for a wide range of IPCs to be connected to IXON Cloud.

Request your IXagent license and firmware via our contact form, and install it on your Beckhoff device to get started.

IXrouter: Industrial VPN router for Beckhoff PLC

In addition to VPN access, the IXrouter offers even more functionalities. IXON's industrial VPN router and IoT gateway has extensive data functions and can remotely access one or more Beckhoff devices (PLCs, HMIs). It's ready to handle most conceivable situations. There’s even a special cellular (4G/LTE) version for remotely located installations.

Additional possibilities: 

  • Data logging of controllers via ModBus, OPC-UA protocol or loggerAPI
  • Configuring (machine) dashboards and alarms for customer or service engineer 

IXON is fully compatible with Beckhoff PCs and PLCs with ethernet ports, like the Beckhoff C60, C70, TwinCAT 3 or Ethercat range. Get in touch with us to check the compatibility of your product.

IXrouter, IXONs connectivity device for secure remote access to PLC, IPC and HMI IXrouter, IXONs connectivity device for secure remote access to PLC, IPC and HMI


How to connect the Beckhoff PLC with IXON Cloud

Configure the IXrouter using the wizard, connect it to your Beckhoff PLC or HMI, and it’ll be automatically accessible for remote access, remote programming and remote monitoring. Or simply install the IXagent software on any Beckhoff Windows 10 device for secure troubleshooting from anywhere.


Remote access to Beckhoff HMIs and web servers

VPN access allows for secure and full network access to the PLC or IPC network remotely. Additionally, we support the VNC and HTTP protocols to remotely access any industrial control system connected to your Beckhoff PLC. This functionality is included in the platform and free of charge. 

Beckhoff web HMI access via VNC

Get remote control of HMI panels via the web using the VNC protocol. This remote HMI viewer & monitoring option is available for HMI’s with a VNC client. You can view, access and fully control your Beckhoff HMI touchscreen via your browser or mobile app. Install a VNC client, like TightVNC, on your (multi-)touch panel, and access and control it via the IXON Cloud platform from anywhere.

Access to Beckhoff web server

Any Beckhoff device with a web server can easily be accessed using the HTTP protocol. Just configure the location of your web server and open it securely via IXON Cloud.

Beckhoff HMI remote access Beckhoff HMI remote access


How to read data from Beckhoff PLCs

The IXrouter supports several industrial protocols to automatically read data from Beckhoff PLCs. Data is securely transmitted to the IXON Cloud to make it available for storage, condition monitoring, alarm notifications or analysis/machine learning on external platforms via the API.

Supported protocols for Beckhoff PLCs are:

  • OPC UA
  • Modbus
  • LoggerAPI

With Cloud Logging, you can configure the data protocol and device address from your IXON Cloud account without any coding. Push the configuration settings to the IXrouter and it will automatically read the data and store it on the IXON Cloud. This opens the door to advanced IoT functionalities for data storage, alarming and machine trend analysis. Watch this short (1 minute) explanation video of Cloud Logging.


Alarms and dashboards for Beckhoff PLC

Now your data is collected from your PLC, and securely transmitted and stored in IXON Cloud, you can use it to configure your dashboards and alarms. Dashboards can be setup using our drag & drop editor. You can add widgets and build multiple dashboards based on the collected data. In IXON Cloud you can add alarms in the Cloud Notify section. Choose the PLC variable, the priority and set the condition and instructions for the operator. Next, you define who must receive the notification when the alarm is being triggered and you are done.


Get started with Remote Access and IoT for Beckhoff devices

Set up a complete scenario for remote access and test the IoT features with your own Beckhoff PLC, IPC or multi-touch panel. Experience the simplicity of the setup and the IXON Cloud platform.

Request your Starter Kit with the most advanced IXrouter model (Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G/LTE) or request an IXagent license to jumpstart your project.

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