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All-in-one Industrial IoT solution

A complete, affordable and cost-saving Industrial IoT-solution for machine builders, system integrators and engineers: IXON Cloud.

Reduce your on-site visits now with secure remote VPN access and start creating value with PLC data logging, dashboards and alarms. #hasslefreeiot with just one single solution. We support all major PLCs, HMIs and robot brands.

There are many solutions on the market that offer remote access, data logging or IoT platform components. That makes it really difficult to choose the right solution. But what exactly are the differences and which solution is the best Industrial IoT platform for your short and long term operation? Before you decide, take a look at IXON’s IoT solution, where all features come together in a secure, scalable and easy-to-use platform.

The Best Industrial IoT platform for OEMs and system integrators - IXON Cloud

IoT vs IIoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely used and is embedded in our daily lives with gadgets such as wearables, smart ovens or other consumer products. Industrial IoT (IIoT) refers to a subcategory of IoT that focuses specifically on industrial applications such as industrial manufacturing, packaging, (new) energy or robotics.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) aims to increase efficiency and flexibility in order to reduce costs, promote economic growth or increase productivity. An Industrial IoT platform helps to achieve these goals, resulting in added value for the machine builder and their customers. IXON created its end-to-end Industrial IoT solution to reduce machine downtime, plan maintenance in advance and monetize your machine data.

IXON: All-in-one Industrial IoT solution

Compared to other solutions, which only offer specific components, such as remote access, data logging, dashboards, parts of an IoT platform or no hardware connectivity, IXON offers a complete IIoT platform. It contains all assets, from hardware to platform, in one single solution.

IXON Cloud’s Industrial IoT solution helps you solve machine problems remotely and convert machine data into value. It's very affordable (ROI from first use), saves you valuable time and eliminates the need for coding skills. Discover our key features below.

Web-based platform

Manage and connect all your machines and collaborate with other users from anywhere, at any time, on any device – no need for additional software. You only need an internet connection and browser to access IXON’s SaaS platform.

We take care of monitoring, securing and updating to ensure a reliable solution and provide you with great performance around the globe.

Web-based IIoT platform and app Web-based IIoT platform and app
Connectivity Hardware Connectivity Hardware

Connectivity Hardware

To connect to our cloud platform, IXON has developed a special connectivity solution, the IXrouter. It is a combined industrial VPN router and edge gateway with specific models for Ethernet, WiFi and 4G/cellular. It fits in any control cabinet and connects industrial equipment to the IXON platform.

Installation takes less than 2 minutes. The built-in firewall protects the corporate network, the embedded software handles data processing at the edge. This smart device is Plug & Play and you can test it for free!

Remote Access

Remotely connect to all your industrial devices (PLC, HMI's, robot) over a secure VPN connection on your PC or mobile devices. Control and view HMI panels (VNC) or PLC web servers (HTTP) on whatever device you prefer. You can also view live streams from IP-cameras. Remote troubleshooting or deploying new PLC software was never any easier.

Remote Access (VPN) Remote Access (VPN)
Data Logging Data Logging

PLC Data Logging

Pull the data directly from your industrial equipment and store it securely in our database cluster (GDPR proof). Simply configure the right industrial protocol (e.g. OPC UA, Modbus, Ethernet/IP etc.), choose the parameters and conditions you want to monitor and the IXrouter will handle the rest. No more coding.

Data Visualisation

The collected data can be visualised in historical or real-time dashboards for data analyses. Create your own dashboards using the drag&drop builder, and present the collected data in a wide range of widgets. Setting up machine condition monitoring has never been that easy.

Data Visualisation Data Visualisation
Alarms Alarms


The machine data can be monitored with built-in functions such as the average value over time. When it meets your ‘failure’ criteria, it can send an alarm notification to someone's smartphone or email address. From now on, implementing corrective, predictive or preventive maintenance is a piece of cake.

And more...

However, our Industrial IoT solution offers much more. For example, you can use our well-documented API to integrate with other applications or platforms. Or choose our white labelling feature to turn hardware, platform and apps into your brand. Or maybe you want to use M2M Cloud Cluster to set up a permanent VPN connection for up to 4.000 locations with HVAC and BSM systems.

We hope these are more than enough reasons to try IXON Cloud and explore the benefits for yourself?

White labelling White labelling

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