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    The principle of IXON is to collaborate on a win-win basis: maximize the value for our partners and promote the IXON Cloud in the machine building market.

    As an IXON Value Added Distributor (VAD), you'll benefit from special conditions to acquire and test the products. Furthermore, you'll receive the proper marketing, sales and technical support.

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    Channel team - Nathany

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    IXON's channel partner team will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.

    Channel partner team:

    • Demelza Lo Piano
    • Nathany Tavares
    • Jenna Bus
    • Yagiz Yuksel

    The channel management mission and vision

    We aim to develop a network of regional partnerships across the globe and succeed together - building bridges and making IXON’s industrial IoT solution easily accessible worldwide.

    Therefore, we find the right partners and support them through the entire partnership life cycle. We do this by providing the resources and tools they need to grow and succeed in their markets.

    How we add value to a distribution business

    Integrating IXON’s industrial IoT solution into your portfolio:

    • Positions you as a forward-looking company;
    • Develops your knowledge of Industry 4.0;
    • Facilitates advanced conversations at a strategic level; 
    • Differentiates you from competitors.