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Your full service IoT partner: from strategy to solution

Industrial IoT is becoming a key component of how machine builders compete. IXON is more than just a great IoT solution, we actively help you move forward in your digital transition and turn IIoT into a profitable business case.

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IXON Services

Our services at a glance

Business innovation

We support machine builders during the innovation process to find and define the best IoT strategy, and turn it into a profitable business case.

IoT Architecture design

Our solution engineers work together with your team and a partner network to find the best solution infrastructure for your requirements.

Security compliance

Cybersecurity is a precondition for Industrial IoT and we actively share security knowledge to help make it an integral part in your organisation.

Implementation support

You can always rely on the help of our dedicated customer support team during the implementation of IXON Cloud or third-party integrations.

IXON Full service IIoT partner for OEM machine builders

Maximise the value of IIoT with a personal approach

Improving industrial machines leads to better quality and availability of products, while the optimised efficiency reduces environmental impact. The Industrial IoT has become a key element for driving future innovation, efficiency and new business models.

Machine builders need the right ideas and tools to maximise value from Industrial IoT. To develop a shared vision and measure of success, we collaborate with you and provide access to skilled and experienced experts to drive results for your company. 

Support with IoT strategy and business innovation

Innovation is more than just products, it’s the creation of a viable new offering. A way of doing business using existing machines, new systems and service strategies. Our IoT business consultants understand your reality. They help develop an action plan for your specific situation with limited investment and fast ROI, acting as a conversation partner to answer questions like:

  • How to build a profitable business model with machine data?
  • Which new services are needed to win new customers and beat the competition?
  • How can I earn money with predictive maintenance?
IXON services for IoT strategy & OEM business innovation
IXON IoT architecture design for OEMs

IoT Architecture design

With a clearly defined IoT strategy, the requirements can be set for your IoT environment. IXON offers standard products and services to meet these needs. However, this does not always mean that it’s instantly the right solution. Our IoT architecture consultants love finding the best future-proof IoT solution to meet your needs.

Our solution engineers work together with your team and a partner network to investigate which structure fits your requirements. Existing tools, integrations, investments and time-to-market are taken into account. This results in an IoT architecture that fits your future goals. 

IoT Security compliance

Security is a non-negotiable precondition for Industrial IoT. You need to have the right security measures in place to reduce risks for your customers, and to protect your reputation. Yet the cybersecurity landscape is complex and broad. While machine builders are willing to improve, they lack the expertise or capacity required.

That's where IXON's Machine Security Compliance (MSC) Framework comes into play: a concrete overview of all steps to consider to secure your organisation, people and technology. The framework gives advice on meeting security compliance requirements to build trust by your customers. IXON's in-house IoT security experts are available for further advice to make security an integral part of your organisation.

IXON Machine security compliance steps for OEM machine builders

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