How Niverplast uses IXON to log data to AWS via MQTT


Integrating legacy machines with modern cloud platforms presents a challenge in today's manufacturing landscape. Niverplast bridged this gap by synchronizing their legacy machines with the AWS cloud via MQTT while using IXON's router.

Niverplast is a specialist in optimizing packaging processes with a focus on bag-in-box machines. They develop and market both the machinery and corresponding bags to make packaging and filling more efficient.

Their initial remote access solution got rejected by their customers due to uncertified security and unclear measures. They switched to IXON because of IXON’s security by design approach, ISO certifications and detailed security documentation. “Our customers can securely access IXON’s customer portal, which allows for specific user permissions,” says Thomas Stoopendaal, Software Engineer at Niverplast.

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Niverplast is keen on extracting data from their entire fleet of machines. This aligns with their goals of enhancing service, optimizing machine performance and facilitating future predictive maintenance. Additionally, there is an increased demand among their customers for insights into their machine data.

However, Niverplast had a challenge with logging machine data from their older machines to the AWS cloud platform. Although Niverplast had implemented MQTT via their HMI panel for sending machine data to AWS, the issue remained unresolved for legacy machines. These machines have no HMI and are thus lacking the capacity to establish MQTT connections. 


Niverplast initiated the development of a solution to connect legacy machines with AWS. They could place a small device at a production line that connected via Modbus or OPC UA which would then transmit data to their own server. “But while we were working on this, IXON introduced a new feature for data logging to a public cloud via MQTT, which turned out to be a much easier alternative. This made us decide to not roll out our own solution,” says Thomas.

Niverplast MQTT to AWS
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No scripting needed

The OPC UA and Modbus protocol between the Niverplast control and IXON, and the built-in firewall of the IXrouter allow for a secure and encrypted connection over MQTT to AWS. The MQTT connection itself can be easily configured (rather than scripting code manually) via the IXON Fleet Manager. This approach minimizes configuration errors and facilitates easy review and debugging.

The connection is also reliable by temporarily storing data locally on the router. “Local data buffering ensures that we don’t lose any data. For example, when a customer pulls the network plug, the data is still transmitted the moment the connection is restored,” says Thomas.


Another advantage of IXON’s MQTT option is that we don’t have to spend much time on maintaining the solution. We only have to configure it, put in some data points, and that’s it.

- Thomas Stoopendaal, Software Engineer at Niverplast

Niverplast’s own data store has over 200 million data points stored from the 150+ IXrouters in their machines. This data is sent to AWS Cloud at a rate of about 35 data points per second. 


The adoption of MQTT for sending data to AWS has significantly benefited Niverplast and its customers by enhancing data accessibility. “We can always access our data since it is in the cloud. AWS scales infinitely, so it grows with how we grow. With AWS and IXON we have the best of both worlds: IXON’s customer portal and our own data structure,” says Thomas.

Customers can get access to IXON’s customer portal for data insights. They can monitor the machine performance, access machine documentation and submit report requests. For instance, Niverplast’s quality checker records product data based on 20 parameters, such as length and weight, enabling customers to review their production. 

Niverplast sees vast opportunities in leveraging the open and expandable IXON Cloud and aims to further streamline their workflows by automating IXON processes and expanding their custom component library.

“The way we work with IXON now saves us a lot of time and optimizes our processes. We now have 25 custom components built in IXON Cloud, but there’s more to come.”

- Thomas Stoopendaal, Software Engineer at Niverplast

Moreover, predictive maintenance is on the horizon. Niverplast wants to proactively approach the customer about potential breakdowns, thereby minimizing downtime and optimizing operations.

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Collaboration with IXON and Routeco

Niverplast partners with Routeco, the value-added distributor of IXON in the Dutch market. Their collaboration involves various activities like aligning sales objectives, coordinating marketing efforts, and conducting product training sessions. This partnership guarantees efficient communication and an in-depth understanding of products for customers associated with both IXON and Routeco, ensuring short communication lines and comprehensive product expertise.