Niverplast streamlines operations through ERP Data Integration with IXON and Custom App



Niverplast, specialist in optimizing packaging processes with a focus on bag-in-box machines, redefined their operational landscape by incorporating IXON into their existing framework. IXON's robust API capabilities allow them to integrate their custom app with their ERP system. This has opened a new era of efficiency and automation for Niverplast.

Streamlined workflow

This is how they automate IXON in their workflow in 4 steps:

  1. With their own custom app, Niverplast scans the QR code on the IXrouter.
  2. The IXrouter is linked to a project number in the ERP system and is configured based on the available customer information therein.
  3. Niverplast adds all machine numbers that are in their line, so the IXrouter communicates with multiple machines in one line.
  4. Based on that information, applicable dashboard templates are automatically created with the device in IXON Cloud. 

Niverplast workflow 2-1Niverplast workflow 2

Niverplast's workflow with the IXrouter and their own custom app

Actionable data insights for customers

In these dashboards real-time insights into, for example, bakery performance are visualized. Customers therefore have access to IXON’s customer portal where they can get all the information they need to optimize their production.
Niverlast Dashboard

Dashboard with passed products and quality rejects based on length

There’s a component that shows live footage of baguettes coming out of the oven, a graph on the products produced per hour, the amount of approved baguettes that are packaged and on quality rejects.

The data on quality comes from Niverplast’s quality checker that records product data based on 20 parameters, such as length and weight, enabling customers to review their production. For example, they can identify baguettes bigger than 65 centimeters and adjust accordingly.

With IXON’s MQTT feature Niverplast can send their machine data to AWS to have it on their own server. “While we were working on implementing our own MQTT-based connectivity solutions, IXON introduced a new feature for data logging to a public cloud via MQTT, which turned out to be a much easier alternative. This made us decide to not roll out our own solution,” says Thomas Stoopendaal, Software Engineer at Niverplast.

The OPC UA and Modbus protocol between the Niverplast control and IXON, and the built-in firewall of the IXrouter allow for a secure and encrypted connection over MQTT to AWS.

Future developments and growth

Niverplast sees vast opportunities in leveraging the open and expandable IXON Cloud, enabling future growth through its extensive architecture and flexible development across both frontend and backend.

They aim to further streamline their workflows by automating IXON processes and expanding their custom component library in IXON Cloud. Thomas: “The way we work with IXON saves us a lot of time and optimizes our processes. We now have 25 custom components available in IXON Cloud, and there’s more to come.”

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Collaboration with IXON and Routeco

Niverplast partners with Routeco, the value-added distributor of IXON in the Dutch market. Their collaboration involves various activities like aligning sales objectives, coordinating marketing efforts, and conducting product training sessions. This partnership guarantees efficient communication and an in-depth understanding of products for customers associated with both IXON and Routeco, ensuring short communication lines and comprehensive product expertise.