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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 23-05-2022

The IXON Cloud Connector on the PLCnext Store is your gateway to remote access and Industrial IoT

Connecting PLCs to your web-based IIoT portal has never been easier. Manage, monitor and control your systems, and turn machine data into insights using advanced reporting and alarms with integrated IXON Cloud and connectivity. With the IXON Cloud Connector on the PLCnext Store, you can now easily turn your PLCnext Control into a cloud-ready device. No additional hardware required.

How you can benefit from the IXON Cloud Connector

The IXON Cloud is much more than an industrial remote access solution. You can create your own IoT portal without any coding, optimise machine productivity using historical & live data, manage your customers and devices in one single portal, and transform machine insights into new revenue streams.

All it takes is a simple installation from the PLCnext Store and you can get started with remote access to the PLCnext control. “You can directly install the application from the PLCnext Store,” explains Wouter van den Oever, Firmware Developer at IXON. “After the installation, the device will show up in your IXON Cloud account where you can finish the activation. Now every IXON Cloud feature is available to you.”

Setting up a connection and IIoT portal has never been so easy — and the security’s been taken care of as well. “We set up a connection from the device to the IXON Cloud, so you won’t need to open any ports. Everything’s done using a VPN or secured SSL connection,” says Wouter. IXON’s dedicated in-house R&D team ensures a secure, continuously evolving, and innovative platform.

Partnering with the PLCnext Store

“We share PLCnext’s philosophy of an open ecosystem,” Willem Hofmans, CEO at IXON, says about the decision to work with Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext Technology. “One that allows users to combine and profit from the best of two worlds.” The new PLCnext Control stands out from any type of PLC that’s come before it. “They’ve used the latest techniques and created a product that’s easily accessible for all,” states Wouter.

[[Install the IXON Cloud Connector]] 

or watch a short video demonstration of the IXON Cloud Connector.