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Julia Weijs
Last update: 23-12-2020

MCA provides high quality service with remote access to Yaskawa robots

As a mechatronics specialist, MCA linear motion robotics b.v. has become a proven partner in industrial (turnkey) projects for the implementation of robotics and the supply of mechatronics products to both machine builders and end users. They are strongly committed to a high level of service. In order to be able to work closely with OEM partners and provide good service to direct customers, it is a must to have full external control over controllers and Yaskawa robots.

While talking to Tim Franssen, Project Engineer at MCA, it becomes clear that there is a variety in projects: “The projects are custom work. Thanks to its extensive in-house expertise, MCA is able to deliver turn-key installations to end users as well as develop partial solutions (such as PLC controls) for machine builders.” As a Yaskawa system integrator, MCA uses the Yaskawa robots for pick & place operations, as a cobot and as part of an automated transport or production process. MCA believes that a robot should be able to ‘watch, assess and perform’.

We use the IXrouter for our robot projects. Via the HTTP server we can view the fault history or watch our simulation program. By using the VPN functionality a secure connection is guaranteed.

Tim Franssen
Project Engineer at MCA
Yaskawa robot from MCA with IXrouter Yaskawa robot from MCA with IXrouter

During use, but usually also immediately after final delivery of a project, the usual start-up problems arise and operators or local technicians start asking questions “In order to provide adequate and swift after-care, external access to the robots is necessary,” says Tim. To be able to carefully analyse the problem with the robot, MCA can look at the fault history, run simulation programs or use a vision IP camera to see if there are any environmental factors that are causing a problem.


Especially in the initial period it sometimes happens that an operator makes a mistake. A deformed box on a pallet, for example, can already cause problems.

Depending on the situation, an engineer or mechanic is sent to the site, or problems are solved directly from the office. “IXON cloud offers us a stable environment to gain full remote access to the robots. This gives us direct access to the robot to view data and parameters, look up fault reports or configure jobs via simulation software. In some situations, we have also set up push alarms for our customers via IXON Cloud Notify in order to be able to respond proactively to machine problems,” Tim explains.

Through the Yaskawa simulation software we can see the robot moving “real time” and we can also download or upload various jobs, data and parameters. As a result, we do not always have to go to site to adjust small things.

In addition to managing all robots from a single portal and its easy configuration, sharing machine access is an additional advantage of the IXON Cloud platform. “We regularly deliver integrations and solutions to machine builders. When a failure occurs, we are called in to fix the problem. Through the machine builder’s IXON Cloud portal, we gain access to the relevant machine in order to solve the problem. This allows us to guarantee our quality and fast service.”


IXON offers a stable service solution to remotely analyse faults, directly solve outages or give operators instructions.

Besides being a Yaskawa system integrator, MCA is also a certified Yaskawa service partner. The company carries out periodic and preventive maintenance on Yaskawa robots. Maintenance includes a general check of the robot, replacing the batteries and greate, a grease analysis and reading the status codes. In order to plan preventive maintenance as efficiently as possible, they read out the running hours of the robots via the IXON Cloud platform. In this way, maintenance is scheduled at the right time and operational reliability can be assured. “In the future, we may want to set up new service models to provide higher service with uptime guarantees. Setting up reports with robot data and benchmarks for this is in the start-up phase.”

The application of IXON Cloud ensures that MCA has full remote access to robots and shares machine management with partner machine builders for remote fault analysis and quick troubleshooting.

Would you like to know more about this use case or the application of remote service and IoT in robotics or machines? Feel free to contact one of our experts for an informal chat.

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