Remote Access & Viewer for Hanwha Robots


Get full access over VPN to run robot simulations, view the teach panel, access data and change jobs of Hanwha robots remotely via IXON Cloud.

Hanwha Robotics has a wide range of collaborative robots (HCR series) that are used for pick & place, palletising, packaging, mold handling, polishing and assembly. To create more added value and flexibility, our OEM and system integrator customers expand them with edge connectivity and remote capabilities using IXON's remote service & IIoT platform.

  1. Secure remote access and IoT solution for Hanwha robots
  2. IXrouter: Industrial VPN router for remote access to your Hanwha robot
  3. How to connect your Hanwha robot with the IXON Cloud
  4. Remote control of Hanwha robot teach pendant (HMI) via VNC
  5. How to extract data from Hanwha robots with IXON Cloud
  6. Discover IXON Cloud for remote service of Hanwha robots
Remote Service and IIoT platform for Hanwha cobots Remote Service and IIoT platform for Hanwha cobots

Secure remote service and IoT solution for Hanwha robots

With IXON’s Industrial IoT solution you can remotely access and control Hanwha robots from a web-based platform. 

Using IXON Cloud you get instant and easy remote access to your collaborative Hanwha robots over a secure VPN connection from anywhere in the world. In our dashboard you can even configure secure access to attached and integrated components that are normally accessed via VNC or HTTP.

Benefits of IXON Cloud for Hanwha robots:

  • Remotely connect to your Hanwha robot’s controller or PLC using a VPN tunnel, and get insight into the robot programme or history, adjust settings and troubleshoot.
  • IXON supports modern industrial protocols (such as Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA) to collect data directly from the robot and store them securely in your IXON Cloud account. 
  • User-friendly through the intuitive and customisable interface where you can manage all your robots in one place.
  • Top-notch security level, thanks to the built-in firewall and IXON’s dedicated security experts
  • Manage users, groups and roles to optimally work together with colleagues, partners and customers. Unlimited users, no licenses.
  • Scalable to your (customers’) needs in terms of number of machines and users, integrations and additional features such as data logging and alarms.

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IXrouter: Industrial VPN router for remote access to your Hanwha robot

To access your robotics remotely, IXON has developed the IXrouter. The IXrouter is a combined Industrial VPN router and IoT edge gateway that is fully compatible with Hanwha industrial robots. The IXrouter enables cloud connectivity to your robot for remote programming, remote monitoring and remote troubleshooting. The IXrouter also allows additional services like VNC and HTTP to access local web servers and control HMI panels. 

Each IXrouter has four LAN ports to connect industrial robots (or PLCs or other peripherals), and one WAN port to connect it to the internet. There are multiple versions of the IXrouter supporting additional ways to get internet access:


  • Ethernet only
  • Ethernet & 4G/LTE
  • Ethernet & Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet, 4G/LTE & Wi-Fi

Additionally, there’s the option to activate Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify. Simply choose a way to get internet access, connect your robot or cobot and you’re all set.


How to connect your Hanwha robot to the IXON Cloud

Once you have the IXrouter, you can easily connect your Hanwha robot to the IXON Cloud portal. Just follow 3 simple steps, and it’s done in minutes thanks to the Plug & Play set up. 

Once your IXrouter device is activated, you can log into your IXON Cloud account to set up a secure VPN connection to your Hanwha robot. Choose the device you want to connect to and press the VPN button. Now, a secure VPN tunnel is created from your computer, via the IXON Cloud to your connected robot. 


Remote control of Hanwha robot teach pendant (HMI) via VNC

By connecting to the robot's teach pendant via VNC, you can completely operate it remotely via your desktop or smartphone. After you’ve configured the VNC connection in your IXON Cloud account, you can remotely view, configure and control the robot arms by taking over its screen. 

How to extract data from Hanwha robots with IXON Cloud

To collect data from your robot, you have to configure the robot parameters you’d like to log and choose when these need to be logged (on interval, on change or using a custom trigger). Data from the robot is then monitored and cached locally by the IXrouter. When it meets the condition criteria the data will instantly be transmitted to the cloud. 

The IXrouter supports all relevant industrial communication protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet/IP, which are supported by Hanwha. Data can be transmitted to the IXON Cloud to make it available for data visualisation, data analysis, alarms, or integration with external platforms via the API.

With cloud data logging you can configure the data protocol and device address from your IXON Cloud account without any coding. Push the configuration settings to the IXrouter and it will automatically read the data and store it on the IXON Cloud.

Create data dashboards for remote robot monitoring

Once your data is collected from your robot and securely stored in IXON Cloud, you can use it to configure custom dashboards. With the drag & drop editor, you can add widgets and build multiple dashboards based on the collected data. Add a gauge, period, tables or graph widget to create a data report or live monitor for your industrial robots. IXON’s API makes it possible to combine robot data with data from other sources.

Set up robot alarms for troubleshooting and maintenance

To create and receive alarms from your robots you need to activate IXON’s alarms & notifications in your account. Choose the variable, the priority, set the condition and instructions for the operator. Next, define who must receive a mobile push message or email when the alarm is triggered.


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