Ovotrack integrate IXON & Azure for advanced egg traceability


Known for their on-premises track & trace application, Ovotrack saw a rapid go-to-market for their cloud platform. Track and trace information from Azure is combined with machine data in a white labelled IXON Cloud platform.

Ovotrack is the global leader of egg traceability solutions for egg grading centers and a strategic partner of Sanovo. Their solution focuses on tracking forward: to which customer did we send a specific batch of eggs? To duplicate their existing on-premises solution to the cloud, they collaborated with software consultancy company ALTEN on an integrated solution combining IXON Cloud and Microsoft Azure to create Ovocloud. 

The Ovocloud smartphone app The Ovocloud smartphone app

Visualising data from Azure in the IXON Cloud

Information about the eggs from farms and grading centers, combined with track and trace data for shipment to supermarkets, is stored in Microsoft Azure. A custom application houses the data structure, but it has no user interface for access. That's where IXON Cloud comes in.

The IXON Cloud is a user-friendly and affordable solution which can be used directly for visualisation. In this case it’s used as the portal to Ovocloud, resulting in a fast time-to-market of the Ovocloud with customers. 

Data can be stored at one central point in the IXON Cloud and makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources, in this case track and trace information and performance of grading machines. The data is visualised in custom dashboards with drag & drop widgets. Data from Ovotrack is stored in Azure and visualised in the IXON Cloud by means of a custom component created in VueJS.  Additionally, by making the track and trace information of eggs available in the cloud, the data is accessible everywhere and can be analysed more easily.

We have chosen a solution that duplicates the data from the Ovotrack on-premises to Azure using synchronisation techniques. By using the possibility IXON offers to apply custom widgets, track and trace data is securely displayed in the IXON Cloud, according to the requirements and wishes of Ovotrack.

Jelle Melis – Business Unit Manager at ALTEN

Ovocloud architecture with Microsoft Azure and IXON Cloud Ovocloud architecture with Microsoft Azure and IXON Cloud

Customised IIoT portal for Ovotrack

One of the main reasons for Ovotrack to choose for IXON Cloud was the ability to rebrand the platform and transform it to Ovocloud without any coding. With White Label Premium they gave the platform their own corporate identity, URL and app, which causes a fast time-to-market with low investments in terms of costs and time.

Security was another important reason to choose for IXON. Ovotrack has set up the ready-made user management to their needs, so users can only see what they are meant to see. Users can enter the IIoT portal via their mobile device or PC via a secure login system with 2FA and even enter the web based Portal. Furthermore, the basics of security are already in place at IXON. They monitor 24/7, maintain security and are ISO 27001 certified. The basis is provided by the leading provider, so Ovotrack is unburdened.

By using the IXON environment, we created a front-end environment in no-time that takes care of user management and security and also connects to Sanovo's IXON Cloud. This allows us to offer our joint customers one portal with both machine data and traceability data.

Job Beekhuis – CEO at Ovotrack

360-degree view of egg processing

Sanovo, a leading machine builder in egg handling and processing, uses IXON Cloud to monitor the performance of their machines, and to get insights in both egg information and track & trace data in the same environment via the custom widget. 

Because Sanovo also uses IXON Cloud, the integration is easy and you get a 360-degree view of an egg processing plant. That’s the main reason why Ovotrack decided to start this project. This collaboration perfectly aligns with IXON’s vision of an open ecosystem:

Creating an open platform so that we don't lock machine manufacturers in, is a top priority at IXON. Machine builders shouldn't be limited by their tool stack to live up to their future business proposition. We aim to provide a highly flexible solution without causing our users any hassle. Ovocloud is a first-class example of a successful implementation of that philosophy.

Bart van den Corput – Solution Engineer at IXON


Benefits the IXON Cloud offers Ovotrack:

  • Data insights from third party tools via custom widgets
  • Fast time-to-market of custom portal
  • Low development and maintenance costs
  • Complete solution for remote service and data analysis
  • 360-degree view of egg processing company