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Smart IIoT connectivity for industrial machines

Are you looking for a simple but extensive solution to remotely monitor your industrial equipment, troubleshoot PLC malfunctions using remote access and collect data? With our IoT edge connectivity this is possible through a reliable connection from a central web portal. Connect the PLC, HMI or industrial PC of your machines to the IXON Cloud via the IXrouter or IXagent and form a secure IoT edge gateway for machines in the field.

Connecting your machines with the IXON Cloud

The IXrouter and IXagent are IXON's IIoT connectivity options. Both are easy to install and work together with all modern PLC's, HMI's, robots and industrial PC's. IXON's smart edge connectivity solutions are equipped with built-in VPN and data capabilities for condition monitoring and preventive maintenance in the cloud.

IXrouter: Edge Gateway

IXrouter: Industrial VPN router 

The IXrouter is an edge gateway that connects your industrial devices to the internet for access via IXON Cloud.


IXagent: Embedded agent

IXagent: Embedded software agent

The IXagent is installed directly on your controller for connection to IXON Cloud without additional hardware.


Choosing the IXrouter or the IXagent?

When you need a more complex solution, for example because you want to connect several machines or devices, you choose the IXrouter. The IXagent is recommended if you want to connect to only one machine, don't want to buy extra hardware and want a fast and cheap solution. The table below shows the most important differences.

The benefits of IXON’s edge connectivity solutions

Time and cost savings with remote service

Equip every machine with an IXON product and you no longer need to be on site for service, machine maintenance or PLC troubleshooting. This saves you time, as well as costs. You can easily collaborate remotely with local engineers or operators. Problems can be solved immediately to reduce unplanned downtime.

Easy to install

With the Plug & Play setup you will have the IXrouter edge gateway and IXagent installed within minutes, without the need for IT knowledge or programming. All your machines are accessible via the web-based IXON Cloud portal and you don't need any additional software. You can also easily set up alarms and log data online whenever you want.

Secure for the company network

The security of your systems is our top priority. The IXrouter and IXON Cloud are therefore equipped with the highest security measures to protect the company network and customer data. Would you like to know exactly how security is arranged at IXON? Then read our security white paper.

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