HANSA Klima implements machine learning using IXON's data logging


HANSA Klimasysteme GmbH is a ventilation system manufacturer based in Strücklingen/Saterland, in the north of Germany. The company can look back on a history of around 50 years, during which it has supplied customers worldwide with technically advanced, high-quality air conditioning systems.

As a specialist for ventilation and air conditioning units, HANSA Klima offers a wide range of system solutions for applications in swimming pools, hospitals or offices to name a few. 'When I started working at HANSA a year and a half ago, our priority was to find a suitable remote maintenance solution,' recalls Olaf Harms, expert for IoT and BMS integration at HANSA Klima. 'After an intensive search and analysis of various solutions, we decided on an external solution to meet customer requirements, like particularly strict IT security regulations.'

The user-friendly setup of the demo router and the easy administration of the cloud impressed us so much that we decided to implement the IXON solution.

Olaf HarmsExpert for IoT and BMS integration at HANSA Klima

Experiencing the IXON Cloud

After comparing various providers, Harms came across IXON. He ordered a free test router which he could test for two weeks to get first hand experience with it. 'I was so impressed by the easy setup of the IXrouter that I reconsidered our initial plans,' reports the systems engineer. Originally, HANSA Klima was only looking for a remote access solution, but they soon found out that the IXON Cloud offered additional benefits that added value for them.

'Our initial focus was on remote access, but the visualisation of the systems via the dashboards is just a very convincing feature that is well received by our customers. In addition, the saving and forwarding of machine data is indispensable,' explains Harms. This is done with the help of the IXON Data Logging feature.

The IXON Cloud helps to increase customer satisfaction and gives us a high degree of flexibility in providing our service.

Olaf Harms – Expert for IoT and BMS integration at HANSA Klima

Hansa Klima system

Self-optimising air conditioning system

Data logging is not only useful for keeping track of the historical data of the systems, HANSA is also using this feature for a concrete research project: a self-optimising ventilation system; 'In a nearby indoor swimming pool we are currently working on a project that uses historical data to optimise the system independently,' says Harms. 'Data logging provided by the IXON Cloud helps us with this.' Olaf Harms further explains how they implement machine learning: 'We collect more than 12.000 data points per hour from various measurements.'

This means recording a wide variety of values, from the number of visitors, to water temperature, to solar heat coming in through the windows. 'Using the recorded data, our system is supposed to optimise itself independently. Through the mathematical evaluation of this data, the ventilation systems can energetically optimise the indoor climate according to the requirements in the forecast. This helps the operator to reduce his energy costs - while maintaining the same level of comfort.'

The most important benefit: Customer satisfaction

The significant cost savings are another factor that make the IXON solution so valuable. However, a much more important factor for HANSA Klima is the customer satisfaction. 'We are delighted that the solution is so well received by our customers. Of course, we save on the operation, but the most valuable benefit for us is that we can provide support to our customers in the fastest and most comprehensive way, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Smart Robotics

Especially in critical applications, rapid fault diagnosis and help in solving the problem is extremely important,' Harms explains. In addition to the features mentioned above, user management and flexible dashboard design play a crucial role for HANSA Klima. 'The pool attendant is usually interested in other data than we are. For him, values like the supply air volume flow are not interesting,' explains Harms. 'We would recommend IXON because it’s easy to handle, flexible and stands out thanks to its intuitive implementation.'

Benefits IXON solution offers HANSA:

  • Easy and quick configuration
  • Recording and monitoring of machine data
  • Time and cost savings through remote maintenance
  • Visualisation of data via dashboards
  • High customer satisfaction through fast remote support

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