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    How to sell your digital services - Part III

    In the 3rd and last part of this 3-part series we're talking about why machine connectivity should be a strategic decision instead of an operational decision.

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    How to sell your digital services - Part II

    In Part 2 of this 3-part series we dive into how machine builders can bridge the gap between Engineering and Sales to succesfully communicate the product value and launch their digital services. 

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    Previous newsletters - traditional vs saas

    How to sell your digital services - Part I

    What's the difference between Customer Service and Customer Success? And why is Customer Success so important? Read it in Part 1 of this 3-part series on organizational challenges of launching digital services.

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    Previous newsletters - Niverplast API

    April edition

    Get the IEC 62443 security kit and discover how Niverplast automated their workflows through ERP data integration with IXON. We also introduce the new SIGNL4 Marketplace app.

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    Previous newsletters - Public LP

    March edition

    Discover why manufacturer Heiploeg makes IXON mandatory for machine builders and learn more about public landing pages and the Youtube Player app.

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    Previous newsletters - Niverplast

    February edition

    Register for our webinar with practical tips and tool to comply with security regulations. And discover how Niverplast sends data to AWS with IXON via MQTT.

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