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Julia Weijs
Last update: 09-09-2021

High-speed data logging from your MELSEC PLC to the cloud

Now supported in IXON Cloud: MELSEC communication protocol for PLC data logging of Mitsubishi PLC.

Besides secure remote access for Mitsubishi PLCs & MELFA robots, we are happy to share that we have extended our PLC data logging capabilities for MELSEC PLCs. Our data logger functionality now also supports the MELSEC communication protocol. This means that it’s even easier to log data from programmable controllers MELSEC L-, Q-, iQ-R- and iQ-F series to the IXON Cloud.

Benefits of data logging for MELSEC PLCs using IXON’s IoT solution:

  • One single IIoT solution for low cost remote access, data logging and visualization
  • High-speed data logging from PLC to cloud
  • Easy setup and fully web-based configuration
  • Export features for Excel and third-party applications via the API.
IXON Cloud supports MELSEC Communication Protocol for data logging of Mitsubishi PLCs IXON Cloud supports MELSEC Communication Protocol for data logging of Mitsubishi PLCs

Getting started with the MELSEC data logger

Are you new to IXON products?

Then request an IXrouter Starter Kit and follow these three steps to set up remote access to your MELSEC PLC. The IXrouter is our industrial VPN router and is connected to your Mitsubishi PLC and up connected equipment (HMI, Robot, sensors, IP-camera). It creates an outgoing VPN connection from your PLC, via the IXON Cloud platform, to your PC.

Remote access gives you the opportunity to control HMI settings, upload new software and troubleshoot PLC issues securely from remote which saves you costs for unnecessary site visits. 

Already a user of IXON?

If you’ve already created your remote service platform and you have an IXrouter in possession, there is no need to buy a Mitsubishi data logger module or additional software. The IXrouter has built-in edge functionality and supports several industrial protocols for data logging, like MELSEC, OPC UA and Modbus/TCP.

Data logging can be configured web-based in your IXON account without the need for coding. Just activate the Cloud Data Logging feature (or start a 30-day trial) and follow this step-by-step guide to setting up a data logging: 

Schematic overview of IXON's PLC data logging feature Schematic overview of IXON's PLC data logging feature

How to set up MELSEC PLC data logging with IXON Cloud

  1. Adjust the MELSEC PLC settings / CPU Module in GX Works to enable the PLC to communicate with an external device (i.e. the IXrouter).
  2. Add a new data source with the MELSEC communication protocol in the PLC’s services Tab of your IXON account. 
  3. Add the data variables you want to log by entering them manually or using the import feature and test if all variables are found correctly.
  4. Configure triggers to define when to log the data variables to the IXON Cloud, like on interval or when the value changes. Now your data is configured, it is monitored and prepared in the IXrouter and the data samples are transmitted with high speed to the IXON Cloud database cluster to be stored securely.
  5. Add dashboards to visualise the collected PLC data in a dashboard or add machine alarms, which you can easily set up in your IXON account. Besides using your data in our data viewer utility, you can export the Mitsubishi PLC data to excel (CSV) or via our API for monitoring and analysing in external applications.

View detailed instructions here. View example dashboards of customers here.

Start data logging for MELSEC Programmable Controllers with the IXrouter. 

Test the simplicity of remote access and data logging for your MELSEC PLC in a 30-day trial.

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IXrouter - for remote access and data logging from PLCs IXrouter - for remote access and data logging from PLCs