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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 18-05-2022

Kletec increased customer satisfaction using remote access via IXON Cloud

With their machines – which make stacking, palletising and processing of table and hatching eggs more efficient and simpler – Kletec is the expert when it comes to egg processing automation. Due to international growth, they increasingly delivered machines further away from home, and so they started using a remote access solution.

However, bringing a device online didn’t always go smoothly. “Sometimes it took an entire day before it worked,” Corné Adams, Project Engineer at Kletec, explains. “We had to call every time a port had to be opened.” Reason enough for Kletec to start looking for a better solution.

We access machines remotely to help customers quickly and effectively.

Corné Adams
Project Engineer at Kletec

The reason behind switching

Corné was positively surprised by IXON during this search. “It was explained to me that with IXON Cloud it was not necessary to open ports,” says Corné. It was decided, after extensive testing of the platform, to make the switch to IXON. For Kletec, the main reasons to switch were the transparent pricing model and IXON Cloud’s ease of use. “Other solutions are less user-friendly. IXON Cloud looked good and it has proven to be simple and work well,” Corné starts. “It’s just easy to use. With a USB stick, it’s easy to quickly configure the router.”

Good service and increased customer satisfaction

Kletec uses IXON Cloud to provide remote service. This is largely done by taking over the machine using the built-in VNC service. “As soon as a machine is going to be located more than 200 kilometres from home, we try to standardly equip it with an IXrouter,” says Corné. Kletec can now help customers in a targeted way, regardless of what time it is or the customer’s location. “If someone calls from the United States with a problem in the evening, I quickly log in and I’m finished in no time,” says Corné. “If necessary, I can even take a look at their screen via my mobile phone.”

Kletec has always held service of the highest importance, and their customer service has always been highly appreciated. Nevertheless, customer satisfaction has increased noticeably since implementing the IXON solution. “Good remote service is an essential part of that. That’s why we use IXON,” concludes Corné.

Benefits IXON Cloud offers Kletec:

  • Proven simple solution
  • Hassle-free configuration
  • Fast service worldwide
  • Access to machine interfaces via mobile
  • Increase business value of customers

Want to know more about remote access with IXON Cloud?

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