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Shelly Boom
Last update: 10-08-2022

Assis-tec offers innovative Industry 4.0 solutions for CNC machinery with Robofeed and IXON Cloud

Customers of Assis-tec can optimise their production process by using the new Robofeed and IXON’s Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify. By combining the two solutions customers can easily implement Industry 4.0 in their daily operations.

Assis-tec is an Italian company that has been providing electronic and mechanical assistance on machine tools for over 25 years, specialising in CNC machines. Their constant drive for innovation and focus on Industry 4.0 resulted in the introduction of a new business unit two years ago, robotics and system integration, in which they offer a custom solution and a standard solution called Robofeed.


Last year Assis-tec launched the first Robofeed, a compact Plug & Play automation solution for servicing CNC machines, integrated with a Fanuc robot. It supports the work of humans in the production department of their customers. The robot collects machine parts from the warehouse and places them into the machine or the other way around. When the operator asks for it, the Robofeed takes a machine part out for quality control and hands it over to the operator to inspectfor faults. Thus, Robofeed supports in optimising the production process.

Using Cloud Logging for optimising the production process

With the help of IXON Cloud, Assis-tec gives more flexibility to their broad range of customers and supports operators everytime the machine needs to be managed or changed. Their customers can utilise both Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify. The IXON Cloud is implemented via Ethernet and real-time data is collected from the Robofeed via Modbus TCP.

Depending on the type of business, customers collect a variety of data ranging from data about machine status like production, tooling, errors and end of cycle, to production process data, such as numbers of pieces produced, numbers of pieces still to produce and percentages of the production progress. They’re able to set up their own dashboards, gather any data, and analyse the entire cycle of production to optimise production time and tooling, which results in a more efficient production continuing 24/7.

Data dashboard for the Robofeed Data dashboard for the Robofeed

Preventing machine downtime with Cloud Notify


The Robofeed is programmed to work without an operator near the machine. With Cloud Notify the operator will, for example, receive the ‘end of production cycle’ notification on their mobile phone when the machine has finished all the machine parts and the operator needs to restock.

“To receive a message through Cloud Notify on their mobile phone or tablet is very appreciated by our customers. We think Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify can solve a lot of problems for us and for the customers. Using the collected data, machines can be optimised and with Cloud Notify, our customers can intervene before a machine failure occurs. Therefore, machine downtime can be prevented,” says Massimo Mora,
Sales manager at Assis-tec.

Assis-tec doesn’t categorise errors, because they believe all errors are equally important to keep production running. This way, customers can decide which notifications they want to receive and which they find less important.

To receive a message through Cloud Notify on their mobile phone or tablet is very appreciated by our customers.

Massimo Mora
Sales manager at Assis-tec

Flexibility is a must for customers

Since their customers are both small and big multinational companies in various sectors, Assis-tec found it very important that the IIoT solution they would eventually use would suit both types of customers. “It needs to be easy to use for customers with little knowledge about IIoT. Inaddition, we want to satisfy companies with high level needs. This flexibility was one of the main reasons why we chose to work with IXON Cloud”, says Mora.

Due to the cloud system, customers can directly reach what they need from different devices via the IXON Cloud app on their smartphone. Everyone knows how it works.

Massimo Mora
Sales manager at Assis-tec

“We also needed a flexible solution as production changes every year,” adds Shaila La Placa, Co-owner at Assis-tec. “There are constantly new technological developments and we would like to continue to meet the requirements of our customers. IXON Cloud is a very futureproof IIoT solution that meets this need”. In June 2021, Assis-tec is launching four new Robofeed models. “To be ahead of the competition, you have to face the future”, La Placa states.

Benefits IXON Cloud offers Assis-tec:

  • Ability to offer a high level of flexibility to their customers
  • Possibility to meet the needs of customers with small needs as well as customers with high level needs
  • Customers can optimise their machines with help of Cloud Logging
  • Customers can prevent downtime by receiving notifications through Cloud Notify
  • Good support and lasting partnership with IXON

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