Mismatic machines remotely controllable via smartphone or tablet


As they’re a small company, Mismatic doesn’t really have the resources to provide on-site service in every country they sell machines. This created the need for a remote access solution which would enable them to help customers from their office in Italy.

'Our employees are no longer flying all over the world. That saves us, and our customers, a lot of money,' says Massimiliano Carnevale, Project Engineer at Mismatic.

Mismatic is an Italian manufacturer of screen printing machines, dryers, equipment and handling systems in different fields, such as textile and packaging. With machineries installed in 60 countries, their customers range from small printing shops to big factories. Mismatic manufactures both standard as well as custom made machines.

IXON can help small companies likeus to seem like a big company.

Massimiliano Carnevale Project Engineer at Mismatic

Carnevale called several companies in their search for a solution to connect their equipment to the internet. IXON Cloud was the best solution for them because it’s an all-in-one solution and it allows Mismatic to access their machines everywhere in the world. In addition to that, it’s an inexpensive solution according to Carnevale: 'If you don’t have any additional requirements, you only pay for the IXrouter, so our customers don’t have high costs.'

Remote monitoring and service

IXON Cloud can be integrated into all Mismatic machines in which a PLC is installed. A number of machines are standardly equipped with the IXrouter, but they also offer machines where the customer can choose to install the IXrouter as an option. The IXrouter can be connected via Ethernet, WiFi or 4G.


Mismatic started using IXON Cloud for their improved SOPHIA machine, a brand new screen printing machine for t-shirts. This machine is standardly equipped with an IXrouter for remote service. End customers can remotely control and monitor the production of their machine from a tablet or smartphone thanks to the VNC server. In addition, Mismatic’s engineers are able to connect to the machines from the Italian office. They can check for any failures and make changes to the machine’s software.

We started now because we want to be prepared for the future.

Massimiliano Carnevale Project Engineer at Mismatic

Technical and marketing related benefits

IXON Cloud has two major benefits for Mismatic. The first is a technical benefit. 'We can now easily and quickly provide remote service for foreign customers. They’re often very far away from us, but with IXON Cloud our software engineers are able to provide service by connecting to the customer’s machine. We can check what the problem is and solve any bugs without sending an employee to the customer’s location. This saves them a lot of money,' says Carnevale.

The second benefit for Mismatic is marketing related. 'With IXON Cloud integrated in our machines, we can show the customer that our machines include the latest technologies and are controllable from a tablet or smartphone in a very easy way,' says Carnevale. This way, Mismatic hopes to stay ahead of the competition.

The future of IoT in Italy

Italian companies may be eligible for a grant from the government when they invest in Industry 4.0 technologies, research or development. The grant is especially interesting for medium sized companies. 'It’s a very good investment to stand out from your competitors, but it’s not really living in the market yet. However, it’s a nice addition for companies that would like to develop in the field of Industrial IoT,' explains Carnevale.

In the future Mismatic would like to work with their own data and data from their customers' machines. 'We all know that data is the future,' says Carnevale. 'In the next year everything will change in the field of IoT in Italy. We started now because we want to be prepared for the future.'

Benefits IXON Cloud offers Mismatic:

  • Provide fast remote service in an easy way from anywhere
  • Machines controllable from tablets and smartphones
  • Free software updates
  • Cost savings through fewer customer visits

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