BMO Automation troubleshoots 90% of machines remotely with IXON Cloud


BMO Automation develops and manufactures user-friendly, innovative automation solutions for the loading of CNC lathes and milling machines in the metal and plastics processing industry. They offer the metal industry, which is severely understaffed, an innovative robotics solution which can help increase running hours up to 24 hours a day.

BMO Automation already used Teamviewer, a remote desktop access solution that allows you to control computer screens remotely. However, it was time to take remote access a step further. 'We realised that we needed more insight into our system. Not just to look at what’s happening on the screen, but also in the robot, in the security systems and in any safety control systems,' Rick Kokx, Engineer at BMO, explains. This would give BMO the opportunity to not just solve problems for their customers, but to help them with many other questions too.

The end users truly recognise the value of remote access.

Rick Kokx Engineer at BMO Automation


No longer dependent on installed software

The search for a remote access solution started when BMO asked themselves how they could speed up their ability to help customers with questions, issues and innovations. 'That eventually led to the realization that VPN remote support would be the best solution,' says Rick. 'We compared several different solutions, its qualities and the costs. IXON simply came out on top,' Rick declares.

Remote access solutions are usually very similar and can be difficult to compare. Yet, BMO had several reasons for choosing to partner with IXON. The first deciding factor was the web portal: 'It’s easy to use for both employees at the office and those on-site,' Rick explains. Now they can access their machines via laptop, tablet or phone, and are no longer dependent on installed software.

Secondly, BMO liked the general layout of the cloud solution. 'The servers that IXON uses, apply the desired high-quality requirements,' Rick explains. BMO has large customers in its portfolio, who have strict security conditions. The third and last benefit was the lack of license subscriptions, for example for additional users or multiple VPN connections. Now they can securely provide access to multiple users, without sharing accounts and passwords.

We can now find issues from the office and send service engineers along with the right tools.

Rick Kokx Engineer at BMO Automation

Working in collaboration with customers

BMO standardly integrates the IXrouter in its machines. Consequently, they can solve a significant amount of issues by simply setting up a VPN connection via the cloud. 'Before we set up a connection, we always give the customer a call to ask for permission. We will only login to the machine after the customer has agreed.' Unfortunately, not all issues can be fixed remotely. Why not?

Rick explains: 'This has to do with the physical security check which sometimes needs to be performed on the robot. A key benefit of using IXON is that we can now check from the office where the issue is taking place and which component is defective. Then we can provide our service engineers with the right tools and components to swiftly fix the customer’s problem.' Now, 90% of machine issues are resolved remotely, greatly improving BMO Automation’s efficiency.

By remotely taking a look inside the machine’s systems, problems can be solved much faster. Wait times have completely disappeared because service engineers no longer have to physically be on-site. They can provide high-quality, targeted service to customers, which leads to less unplanned machine downtime. Offering high-quality support also improves customer satisfaction. 'The end users truly recognize the value of remote access,' concludes Rick.

Benefits IXON Cloud offers BMO Automation:

  • Faster service for customers
  • Wait times have disappeared
  • Remote support via VPN
  • More efficient on-site visits
  • Less unplanned downtime

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