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Sjors de Kleijn

Why IIoT Is a Game Changer for the Packaging Industry

In this article, we explain how connectivity and cloud are changing the packaging machine industry and how you can use it to implement IIoT in your business strategy.

Often, we see technology implemented because it’s possible (or expected), rather than to solve a genuine challenge for the company or it's customers. In many cases, machine builders have failed to deliver valuable or relevant experiences to their customers.

There are three key characteristics of successful experiences for machine builders and end-users:

  1. Interactive. It's key for a valuable customer experience, to provide a machine that allows customers to engage and be interactive with the machine.
  2. Informative. Shareable insights of machine performance is a must-have for all machine manufacturers and users for monitoring and optimization.
  3. Infinite. Customizable experiences lead to endless opportunities for machine builders and factory owners alike.

Create interactive, informative and infinite opportunities for your machines with IIoT.

IIoT in the packaging industry IIoT in the packaging industry

Internet of Things for manufacturing

The IoT (known as the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, in the manufacturing industry) is particularly applicable to packaging machines.

Connecting industrial machinery to the cloud — and sharing real-time data — can drastically affect efficiency and the evolution of production.

Customers are increasingly willing to give access to data in order to achieve higher productivity, giving machine builders more opportunities to increase customer loyalty and sales.

Imagine a fully automated warehouse floor where each piece of equipment exchanges data in real-time, creating a streamlined operation with very little need for staff intervention, only when production stops or machine issues occur. That’s how the internet of things works in manufacturing!

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform

IIoT platforms are trending in the packaging industry

Industry insiders are predicting that Industrial Internet of Things could change manufacturing as we know it by tracking and measuring every previously unquantified element of operations.

The role of an Industrial IoT platform, where machines are remotely accessible in a secure cloud environment, will increase the number of opportunities for the packaging industry. These kind of web-based portals upgrade support and monitoring possibilities, provide real-time machine data visualisation and a new way to access machines from everywhere.

Besides better means for your service engineers to remotely access machines, it will grant your company extra opportunities to create happier customers.

7 Benefits for packaging machine builders using IIoT 7 Benefits for packaging machine builders using IIoT

7 benefits for packaging machine builders using IIoT

Here are seven ways to benefit with integrated connectivity from machine and IIoT platform:

  1. Solve your customer's machine problems faster
    Nowadays, fast machine access for troubleshooting or controlling is easy using features like Industrial Remote Access (VPN), Mobile VPN and web-access. Instant access to your PLC or control over your HMI on any device is indispensable.
  2. Embrace connected devices
    Connected packaging machines will be multifunctional and offer a key product benefit. New data streams help companies cater efficiently and effectively to their customers — allowing an unprecedented expansion of the measurement of their machine usage.
  3. Implement product improvements
    Co-operating with your customers cause machine improvements, such as higher production rates, less downtime, and more efficient operations. Shareable data and actionable alerts are great ways to make these improvements happen. Learn from your current machines to improve future variants or series.
  4. Create highly experiences
    Include a customizable IIoT platform with the delivery of a machine to stimulate new opportunities for your company to engage in a more personalised way for each customer application.
  5. Innovate or stay behind
    Replace your traditional sales with a subscription model, such models can be used to offer new business or give more flexibility to your customer. Another tactic might include a credit system. Through connected packaging machines and gathered machine data, machine builders can offer new business models using data insights!
  6. Form smart partnerships
    Explore and expand your customer’s requests and wishes. Use partnerships and take advantage of open IIoT platforms (with API or webhooks) to integrate your solution with 3rd party solutions. No limitations and think about the benefits for your customers if they’re able to connect with your machines for advanced incident response, predictive maintenance or Artificial Intelligence!
  7. Use data to evolve
    Data is everything. Start generating and collecting machine data from the start to identify improvements. Consult and train your customers to become more efficient and boost productivity.

Explore a Plug & Play IIoT solution for packaging machines

If your company hasn’t delved into the possibilities of Industrial IoT and packaging, there’s no better time than now!

In a 30-minute online demo, we will give you a live demonstration of the IXON Cloud and the integrated connectivity. This all-in-one IIoT & Remote Access solution is created for machine builders and their customers. We are happy to show you its ease, features and customization options to make it fit your strategy.

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