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Julia Weijs
Last update: 18-05-2022

How Water IQ International uses cloud-based data analysis to achieve intelligent water use

Water IQ International, specialist in the field of water (re)use in the food and horticulture sectors, stays ahead of their competition by converting data into actionable insights. With over 20 years of experience in the field of water treatment, water management and process optimization, they support satisfied customers at home and abroad.

Water IQ had far-reaching ambitions early on, aiming to stay ahead of the competition. “We strive to provide solutions that can increase a customer’s company value using water, for example by improving the product quality or production efficiency,” Freddy Dekkers, founder of Water IQ, explains. To realize these ambitions, a platform where they could access machine data was required. “We needed a data logging and analysis system.”

We can log exactly how much cubic metre is being treated with a certain recipe to remove pesticides.

Freddy Dekkers
Founder of Water IQ International
Horticulture installation of Water IQ International Horticulture installation of Water IQ International

Added value for the (end) customer

The main reason Water IQ switched to IXON was the ability to easily log machine data. Freddy and his colleagues were quickly convinced that the IXON solution was the perfect fit for Water IQ. “To us, IXON is an extension of our business strategy and philosophy. It’s an important part, maybe even more important than you may think,” stated Freddy.

By using the IXON Cloud platform, Water IQ can now realize its ambitions. “Cloud Logging is so easy to use, IXON has developed a phenomenal graphic tool. It’s already amazing – and many of its functions are still unknown to me. You can basically do anything with it,” Freddy pointed out. They are now able to perform quick analyses, even on their mobile phone while they’re on-the-go.

Increasingly more customers request access to their own data analyses.

Freddy Dekkers
Founder of Water IQ International

The machine’s use is recorded with the help of logged data. Freddy describes: “We have a few customers where we want to log exactly how much cubic metre is being treated with a certain recipe to remove pesticides.” Water IQ’s service engineers can now immediately analyse what’s wrong with a machine, and provide more targeted service to customers. Collected data is then used to adjust machine settings, for example. With the use of Cloud Notify, they now receive an early signal when periodic maintenance is required.

IXON Cloud has become an integral part of their water treatment systems, and of their strategy. “You have a Water IQ machine, but what you really get is a cloud solution. You just need the machine because you can’t do anything else otherwise,” explains Freddy. It’s also becoming increasingly more common that customers request access to perform their own data analyses.

Cost savings and improved efficiency

Customers can create more products, extend the product’s shelf life or realize a significant production increase with half of the water. “Of course, the ability to produce more efficiently and healthier with fewer losses is highly appealing in modern society,” says Freddy. In the future, they want to go even further with their data analysis and finding trends.

Water IQ wants to start giving targeted advice based on current developments. “The inline sensors that we’re currently developing, will generate real-time water composition data that’s never been available before. That’s going to have a real impact on the way we’re going to treat water,” concludes Freddy.

Benefits IXON Cloud offers Water IQ:

  • Cost reduction and time savings
  • Targeted analysis and focused support
  • Clear machine data visualisation
  • Significant production increases after data analysis
  • Increasing customers’ company value

Want to know what data logging can do for you?

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