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Monica Negri
Last update: 20-07-2022

How E-Packaging made machine data an integral part of their business strategy

E-Packaging is an Italian manufacturer that specialises in the design and production of labelling systems for different types of packaging. The company offers high quality service through data logging, real-time alarms and a customised cloud platform.

The headquarters of E-Packaging Srl in Desio, Italy The headquarters of E-Packaging Srl in Desio, Italy

Beyond remote assistance  

The ability to offer a remote assistance service was the first reason E-packaging started searching for an Industry 4.0 solution. Their aim was to provide customers with remote monitoring and support throughout the entire life cycle of their machines

They chose the IXON Cloud platform because of its ease of use and no code principle. Both factors are key in helping technicians optimise their maintenance activities, as they make the platform highly usable and collaborative.

IXON Cloud connectivity IXON Cloud connectivity

EPack Cloud: the customised E-Packaging platform

service models

The ability to customise and brand the entire solution (from the edge gateway to the platform) and develop a smartphone app were additional reasons to choose IXON Cloud. The aim is to guarantee customers the highest quality of service and collaboration in a high-performance, secure and recognisable environment.

''The cloud space is certainly more secure. There is a shared belief that keeping data in the company means keeping it secure. However, it’s then exposed to numerous risks in terms of protection and accessibility,' says Mauro Pennati, R&D Manager at E-Packaging.

A data-driven strategy

With direct access to the machines, E-Packaging soon realised the potential of using historical and real-time data. The remote access functionality was therefore complemented by cloud data logging and real-time alarms in relation to critical machine operating parameters.

service models

The collected and structured data have become an integral part of the company's business strategy. How? Firstly, E-Packaging obtained important information on the operation of the machines with remote access. This enabled them to intervene to improve their performance and to propose customised service packages to their customers.

These packages include condition monitoring, preventive maintenance through the periodic sending of notifications, and predictive maintenance. ''Data collection has enabled the implementation of maintenance contracts, with a well perceived value by the customer,'' Pennati confirms.

Secondly, E-Packaging has implemented a data strategy to support the activities of its team. On the one hand, the R&D and after-sales departments have accurate and up-to-date information on the operation and use of the machines. This helps them to set up targeted support services and improve the design of new machines. On the other hand, the sales network has precise information to present the advantages and applications of using data. This enables them to establish new maintenance contracts. As part of this data strategy, the exchange of data between the manufacturer and the customer is very useful. The aim here is to gradually build trust and awareness. 

Data collection enabled the implementation of maintenance contracts, with a well-perceived value for the customer.

Mauro Pennati
R&D manager at E-Packaging

Heading towards Industry 5.0

The choice of an Industrial IoT solution for machine monitoring and the provision of maintenance contracts is part of the ongoing digitalisation and innovation path for E-Packaging. This contains a combination of services that is unique in the sector, and in line with the quality of its machine technology offering.

It also paves the way for plans for the future. In fact, the aim is to use collected data to develop new machines capable of meeting the environmental sustainability characteristics required by Industry 5.0. New generation machines will be increasingly optimised for better control of consumption and costs. This will be based on the cycles performed, with reduced environmental impact and increasingly green operations. 

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