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Keep track of machine parts performance with condition monitoring

Experiencing downtime and long standstill because a critical machine part unexpectedly broke down? Never get caught off guard again with a condition-based maintenance strategy. Use real-time data insights on IXON Cloud to monitor the condition of machine parts, detect abnormalities, and replace components on time.

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The necessity of condition monitoring

Standard industrial components like motors, pneumatic valves or conveyor belts should be replaced after they reach maximum use. But be aware: changing the component too early can lead to excessive machine stops and needless use of spare parts. However, trusting the average may mean you’re replacing the part too late.

With condition monitoring you gather data insights into (critical) parts. Better navigate these situations and provide accurate advice on machine maintenance as part of a service contract. So you replace the component at the exact right time, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction in the process.

Savings from on-time component replacement

Basic parameter values like current usage, running hours, movements or cycles allow you to determine whether an asset is likely to break down. By connecting your machines to the cloud and logging PLC parameters, you can start remote condition-based monitoring of your machines and equipment. 

This allows for just-in-time maintenance, such as part replacement or other actions to prevent damages and avoid consequences.

  • Reduce risk of critical machine failure
  • Avoid costly, long standstill
  • Save costs on unnecessary replacements

Root cause analysis of critical machine parts

When critical parts fail, the impact can be immense. That's why it's especially important to detect critical part breakdown upfront. Ask yourself: what are the key failures happening inside the machine? You can detect values in the PLC that correlate to these failures or analyse all the parameters to find any correlation showing causality. 

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Generate recurring revenue with a proactive maintenance strategy

Reactive maintenance, also known as ‘run to fail’, will often result in significant downtime, ad-hoc maintenance and reduced throughput. With a condition-based maintenance strategy (CBM) you act proactively with timely detection of machine component failures. Analyse data to predict, set alarms to notify upfront, advise on next steps and take action before a critical problem occurs.

Sell machine condition monitoring as a service to your customers, and even sell spare parts proactively. With a proactive maintenance strategy, you can generate new revenue streams, increase loyalty and strengthen customer relationships.

How IXON supports you

24/7 condition monitoring

Log and monitor machine parameters from PLCs and sensors from any machine. Accessible from any device, whenever you need it. 

Custom dashboards

Create your own dashboards with historical and real-time data, perfectly fitting your machines. Find the cause of component failures with data analysis.

Proactive alarms

Analyse machine data and set alarms about the condition of critical parts. Get notified in advance and schedule maintenance proactively.


Get instant remote access to deeper investigate machine logs or troubleshoot directly from one web-based portal. Plug & play setup, low cost and no-code.

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