Easy-to-use data monitoring & analysis tool for industrial machines

Many machine builders are daunted by the complexity of data analysis. IXON Cloud makes it easy to get insight into the real-time status of your machine or monitor historical data for performance trends to optimise your machines. 

Machine Performance Analysis

Optimise machine performance with data insights

Monitor your machines at any time_

Real-time condition monitoring

Keep a close eye on specific data parameters that indicate machine deterioration or imminent equipment failure in customisable data dashboards.


Predict machine breakdown

Discover patterns in your machine data. Start predicting when to provide maintenance, so you can prevent failures and avoid unplanned downtime.


Data-driven equipment optimisation

Optimise components that aren’t performing up to standard and get optimally running machines that never stop.

Highly flexible solution for machine performance analysis


Real-time & historical data

Easily collect and visualise data from your PLCs, sensors or robots in real-time or historical dashboards. Monitor the machine’s state to diagnose problems and troubleshoot remotely.


Reliable data storage

IXON Cloud is secured by design, meaning that security is built into its infrastructure and fundamental processes. We ensure high-speed, accurate data storage and full availability of your data at any time.


Widely compatible

The IXON solution is made to be openly compatible with all industry standards. Supported communication protocols include Modbus, OPC UA and Ethernet/IP. Find a full list here.

Each feature is available

Open ecosystem

To avoid vendor lock-in, the IXON Cloud ecosystem is open to integrate with and link to 1000+ tools and systems using the IXON API. You’re free to export your data to whichever tool or system you want.

Machine kpi dashboards

Create KPI-driven dashboards

Build your own advanced machine dashboards with key data analysis points to identify failures at a glance. Use your dashboards for different purposes, such as machine condition monitoring to discover trends in your machine data or to predict failures before they occur. Give customers insight into their machine data by granting access to the Portal and easily share machine KPI dashboards. Display components with:

  • Critical machine parameters, e.g. vibration, pressure or temperature
  • Production data such as # of units produced, amount of scraps or waste
  • Uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Other important machine information like machine manuals
Remote Access to PLCs and machines via IXON Cloud

One-stop-shop for machine access

The IXON Cloud platform is an all-in-one IIoT solution with a broad scope of features. Everything you need to maximise your machine’s productivity in one place: from simple remote access, to advanced data logging, machine alerts and customisable dashboards.

All important information about your machines collected in one central platform and made available to a wide variety of users. Provide secure access with custom views for your customers, service teams, software engineers or mechanical engineers. IXON Cloud’s ease of use makes your service portal functional for everyone.

Customable data dashboards

Fully customisable to your needs

IXON Cloud's customisability extends to the data dashboards. Easily customise your machine dashboards to fit your requirements with the Drag & Drop functionality. You can arrange your chosen components in a way that works for you, and create custom dashboards and PDF reports for different types of users. That way everyone only sees the data that fits their interests.

If the pre-configured options don't meet your requirements, you can even use the component SDK to create components for custom data graphs or to integrate data from external resources.

Learn about the IXON Studio
Future proof and scalable IXON Cloud

Future-proof & scalable

IXON Cloud is created to suit everyone. From the SME who just wants one simple dashboard today or who knows that they will want to expand to more advanced technologies in the near future, to large-scale multinationals who immediately need combined data insights from multiple machines. A platform ready for immediate use, with all the tools at hand to scale up for a successful future.

  • Start with the simple, default platform setup today
  • Expand with customisations when you’re ready to scale up
  • Advanced integrations possible with the IXON API
  • Tap into new business models like lifecycle management

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