IXON introduces next level security with the launch of SecureEdge Pro gateway


IXON is proud to announce their new edge gateway called SecureEdge Pro. This advanced edge gateway makes it easier and more secure than ever for machine builders to stay connected to their machines and customers. 


The SecureEdge Pro gateway is part of IXON's extensive industrial IoT solution for machine builders, consisting of a cloud platform, integrated remote access hardware and a range of value-added apps. With this solution, IXON offers machine builders a secure, reliable and user-friendly way to stay connected to their machines and customers throughout the machine lifecycle while optimizing their production processes.

IXON raises the bar for secure machine connectivity with the introduction of the SecureEdge Pro gateway. Network segmentation is one of the best measures for taking plant security to the next level. That’s why the SecureEdge Pro gateway supports physical separation of the factory network from the internet using a dedicated OT port. The edge gateway also meets the IEC 62443 standard. 

The SecureEdge Pro gateway offers edge computing capabilities for e.g. real-time analytics and machine learning (ML) purposes. The edge gateway supports the use of Docker containers. Via the IXON Marketplace 10+ Docker apps are readily available for installation, making it easy for machine builders to add intelligence locally to their machines.Docker apps overview

In addition, the SecureEdge Pro gateway offers a user-friendly touchscreen that allows users to quickly access common settings and monitor their machine connections in real time. Featuring a compact, industrial design that is suitable for DIN rail mounting, the SecureEdge Pro gateway ensures easy installation and efficient setup.

The SecureEdge Pro gateway is available in 4 variants: Ethernet, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, and a combination of these options.