Scaling up your IIoT maturity with machine performance analysis


Data is becoming more and more important in the manufacturing industry, but it’s still one of the most underused assets of organisations. Unjustified, because you can gather countless amounts of data from your machines. Data helps scale up your IIoT implementation after you’ve made your machines (remotely) controllable, by giving you the ability to understand what’s going on with every tiny part of your machine at any point in time. 

But, how can you transform the huge amount of available machine data into valuable insights? The biggest hurdle for OEMs in getting started with their data is getting lost in a mountain of data. 

Keep in mind that taking one small step at a time gets you results quicker than fruitlessly staring into an abyss of data. Once you’ve taken a couple steps, you’ll have a better understanding of the possibilities. Now it’s time to start thinking about your data strategy.

Collect and analyse machine data Collect and analyse machine data

The importance of machine performance analysis

Start with data analysis to see what’s happening in your machines. Discover trends in your machine’s performance to optimise them and create a better experience for your customers. Capturing machine data allows you to gain a better understanding of machine processes and factors that influence your machines. Data insights can bring many benefits for businesses, including operational savings and providing additional services to customers such as production data insights. 

By converting machine data into new insights, you can reduce downtime and work on continuous improvement of the machine process. An IIoT platform is a great way to share machine insights and collaborate with your partners and customers. 

Industrial IoT Maturity Model

Use the Industrial IoT Maturity Model as your step-by-step guide to getting started with data analysis. In a previous blog we talked about starting your IIoT implementation by making your machines controllable and connecting them to the internet. Are you ready for the next step in your IIoT journey: using your machine data for machine performance analysis? 


The Industrial IoT Maturity Model

Need help getting started with data?

Can’t wait to discover what you can get out of your machine data? Did you connect your machines to the internet and are you ready to set up your data monitoring strategy?

Find out how you can start gathering machine data, how you can analyse your data with help of an IIoT platform and how to create valuable insights reports for your customers in our white paper 'The Road to IIoT Maturity in machine manufacturing'. You'll not only discover in which phase of IIoT Maturity you are, but you will also get clear guidelines and concrete examples of how to grow in the next phase of the IIoT journey.