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Shelly Boom

The final step to full IIoT maturity in machine manufacturing

Are you ready to become a fully mature IIoT machine builder? When you are already using machine data to your advantage to optimise your machines and predict maintenance, the final thing to do is applying adaptability

Adaptability is a very broad term, one that can definitely bring up some questions. The formal definition of adaptability is the ability to adjust to new conditions or the capacity to modify for a new use or purpose. Being adaptable means that you can keep up with the latest innovations. In this final ‘step’ to full IIoT maturity, we look at a company's adaptability in two fields: corporate and engineering.

Discover new business models and become adaptable Discover new business models and become adaptable

Discover new business models to increase revenue

Innovation is essential if you want to stay relevant and meet your customers’ demands. The production facility desires optimised machine efficiency and minimised machine downtime as it yields them the highest possible output. By integrating smart technologies, like autonomous responses into your machines, you can take your machines to the next level and deliver the best experience possible for your customers.

The machine builder designs and develops the machine, and thus knows its process like no one else. They form the perfect consulting partner in achieving optimal machine output. If the machine builders can anticipate maintenance and repairs, provide a better customer experience and create other benefits, it can improve satisfaction and create loyalty. Those who can deliver a more user-centric experience will also see growth in revenue.

After implementing adaptability in your company, you’ll be the pioneer in the field of IIoT amongst your competitors.

Industrial IoT Maturity Model

You’re analysing your data and using it to predict maintenance? Then you have arrived at the final step of the Industrial IoT Maturity Model: Adaptability. This means you’re going to finish the ladder from digitalisation to Industry 4.0. Congratulations! You’re at the forefront of the latest technology. Let’s take a look at the final things you have to do to reach a successful implementation of adaptability.

The Industrial IoT Maturity Model The Industrial IoT Maturity Model

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