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Shelly Boom
Last update: 25-06-2021

Digitalisation: The first steps of your IIoT implementation

The machine building industry is in the middle of an industrial revolution. Smart Industry and Industry 4.0 mark the era in which industries are constantly trying to keep up with the latest technologies. Investing in Industrial IoT is unavoidable in the quest for innovation.

Although it requires a large investment of time and money, it’s absolutely necessary to offer added value to your customers. The good news is that IIoT helps optimise machine efficiency and generate cost savings, thus showing a quick return on investment (ROI).

But, how to get started? Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can quick-start your IIoT implementation with a few simple steps and then continue the road to Industry 4.0 one step at a time.

Connect your machines to the internet Connect your machines to the internet

Connect your machines to the internet

Digitalisation is now more important than ever. Most machine manufacturers have already taken the first step in their digital transformation journey by making the machines controllable via PLCs, HMIs, sensors etc. It may not commonly be associated with IIoT, but without this crucial first step, you are not able to start your journey to Industry 4.0 implementation.

Are your machines controllable? Then it’s time to connect your machines to the internet to make them remotely accessible and to get better insights into how your manufacturing facility operates. IIoT platforms prove themselves very helpful for remotely accessing your machines to provide remote service and maintenance. By setting up a VPN connection from your machine’s PLC to the IIoT platform, you’re ready to get to work as if you’re physically connected to the machine. 

Simply taking these first steps already brings massive benefits:

  • Increased productivity and lower production costs;
  • Less downtime due to reduced waiting time for service;
  • Ability to remotely install machines in the field;
  • Shorter time-to-market;
  • Ability to respond quickly and profitably to changing consumer needs. 

Industrial IoT Maturity Model

Are you ready for the next step, but not sure how to continue your IIoT journey? The Industrial IoT Maturity Model gives you an idea of what your next steps can be. The model shows the road to IIoT maturity: from digitalisation to Industry 4.0. Think about your current situation. What steps have you already taken, and which phase would that put you in? Now you know what your next step could be to further your IIoT implementation.

The Industrial IoT Maturity Model The Industrial IoT Maturity Model

Need help implementing IIoT?

Do you want to know how to implement IIoT successfully and how to take the next step in your IIoT journey? Are you ready to connect your machines to the internet? Or have you already taken that step and are you curious about what else IIoT can offer you? 

In our white paper "The Road to IIoT Maturity in machine manufacturing", you'll discover how mature your IIoT implementation currently is and how you can take the next steps by means of clear guidelines and concrete examples of companies in each phase.