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A modern and global infrastructure for any industrial application

Whether you need to access your machines with a single click or analyse machine data, IXON Cloud provides you the cloud infrastructure where and when you need it. The IXON Cloud infrastructure is the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform, offering fully featured services from servers and data centers globally.

IXON Global Infrastructure

Designed for optimal performance and reliability

100+ servers worldwide

Our extensive global coverage gives you fast, reliable and low-latency access to machines and data, from anywhere in the world.

Modern architecture

IXON Cloud uses REST APIs, MQTT and Kubernetes for optimum performance, secure data transmissions and flexibility for all users.

Made for growth

The infrastructure is scalable to guarantee the availability of IXON Cloud. Even when the number of users, devices and data storage increases.

Ironclad security

All IXON Cloud servers and databases are located in ISO 27001 certified data centers with access restrictions and 24/7 monitoring by our security specialists.

Trustworthy infrastructure for the best performance

With thousands of active customers and partners globally, IXON has the most dynamic ecosystem. IXON Cloud automatically chooses the best available server to connect to, is optimised to transport a high volume of data and offers reliable and futureproof data storage.

All servers which store or process data are located in the European Union and are subject to GDPR-guidelines. The servers are hosted at several industry-leading hosting providers (Digital Ocean, Vultr, Upcloud and more) for segmentation and stability reasons, which uphold the highest security standards and have obtained ISO 27001 certifications.

Modern servers and databases worldwide

The IXON Cloud is a complex network of servers and databases worldwide. It consists of modern technologies for optimum results and scalability to the max.

Fast connections with less latency

The API services form the heart of IXON Cloud and handle key processes like authorisation and setting up VPN connections. Our VPN servers are located in data centers worldwide to guarantee fast connections. The network is redundant, so fallback is provided automatically.

Reliable data storage

Data is stored in different database types for optimum results. Big amounts of machine data are stored in a time series database cluster. Events and alarms are stored in non-relational databases, and IXON Cloud company data is stored in relational databases. This way data will be stored, backupped and accessed in the best possible way.

Secured data transmissions

The IXON Cloud uses the MQTT protocol and MQTT broker services for data transfers from edge to cloud. The protocol is ideal for Industrial IoT, because it is highly efficient, secure, and has minimal bandwidth use.

Scalable and flexible

We use multiple Kubernetes clusters for managing microservices. This modern architectural style ensures optimal scalability and availability of the IXON Cloud platform and allow large applications to be structured as a collection of smaller applications (services) that can be managed and updated individually, without downtime.

A futureproof infrastructure for unlimited applications

The IXON Cloud platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which is continuously extended with new features. However, you are not limited to the features we offer. You’re free to  develop your own applications on our infrastructure.

Using the API and microservices you are fully flexible to integrate 3rd applications with IXON Cloud. Create any application you need to fully implement additional needs, now or in the future. Our IoT solution engineers love finding the best future-proof IoT solution to meet your needs.

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