W&H and Multipond integrated remote access into their customer portal


If you want to integrate a remote access solution into your existing customer portal, you will face some tough choices. Are you going to develop a solution yourself or outsource it? And which solution should you choose?

According to the VDMA, the largest network organisation for the machine manufacturing industry in Germany and Europe, digital openness enables greater data exchange along the value chain. It’s an important requirement for new business strategies, as the integrability of digital services significantly influences a make or buy decision.


Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) and Multipond both wanted to integrate a remote access solution into their own customer portal, to meet the rising demand for quick help and competent advice.

Creating an own solution for that would mean that an own global server structure and frontend development already exists, or the infrastructure for this would have to be built up. A big investment in terms of time, money and resources. Both W&H and Multipond therefore decided to rely on expertise in this area, and go for a suitable outsourced solution. 

Multipond quote

Their challenge was to find an open and futureproof remote access solution. For Mulitpond, the main focus was on user-friendliness. Once logged into the system, the user should be able to use all functions and not be redirected to external pages.

It was also crucial to scale the solution with the portal and to make it as flexible as possible. The same goes for W&H, who wanted an open and future-proof solution that could cover the company’s ambitions.


To be flexible but also future-oriented and to guarantee good connectivity, an open platform for remote access is a basic requirement. These systems should integrate seamlessly with existing systems and be able to scale along with the business and increasing demands.

Multipond built its own customer portal with help of partners. It includes their own corporate identity so the solution is recognisable for their customers. Therefore, it was very important that the remote access solution they went for was open and that the connection to their own solution worked seamlessly. For W&H, the usability, no-code philosophy and scalability were deciding factors. 


IXON Cloud was able to convince both companies, thanks to the openness of their platform and the API. It can be seamlessly integrated into any existing system without being dependent on third-party providers or other programmes. Above all, this saves time and costs in the development process.

Using and creating the portal is a breeze even without technical knowledge, since not a single line of code is needed. The open design of the IXON Cloud also offers further possibilities for future projects because it’s completely scalable. In addition, the machine is also equipped with an upgradeable firewall when using IXON’s remote access. This prevents the machine from being compromised by cyber security attacks at the end user's site.

The benefits of the IXON Cloud solution

  • Easy integration into existing systems and scalable without additional hardware
  • Openness of the platform (API documentation etc.)
  • High security standard, as well as cloud certifications
  • High usability: plug & play installation, no-code