SEM Automazione helps customers to reduce downtime with remote service


Customers of SEM Automazione previously had to wait until a technician came to visit them to solve any faults or anomalies. Now they’re using IXON Cloud, it’s possible to troubleshoot within a couple of minutes.

SEM Automazione is a system integrator that designs and builds industrial automation systems for all areas of industrial production, especially for the automotive sector. In addition, SEM operates in the CNC machine sector for over thirty years and for a couple of years now, they have produced turnkey machines for customers asking for readymade machines. For these applications they use Siemens devices such as their PLC and HMI.

Impressed by simplicity

To avoid having to travel to a customer and being on-site, SEM Automazione was looking for a solution that allowed them to remotely access their customer’s machines. Additionally, they realised that today’s customers demand zero time intervention. SEM first worked with another IIoT solution that was much more complex, so they kept an eye open for a solution that was easier to use.

In 2018, we met IXON at the SPS exhibition. I was impressed by the simplicity of the IXON Cloud and the possibility to expand with Cloud Logging, which will be definitely used in the future.

Christian Carafa General manager at SEM Automazione

No more unnecessary business trips

The IXrouter is included in all of their machines so remote support is available by only setting up a VPN connection. The IXON Cloud is mainly used for remote assistance on PLC and machine operator panels. 'When a customer is unable to solve any faults or anomalies, we carry out an initial analysis of the problem remotely. IXON Cloud allows us to very quickly understand what the problem is and solve it remotely in 80% of cases, so we don’t have to send a technician to the location of the customer unnecessarily,' says Carafa.

Less waiting time, less downtime

With IXON Cloud, SEM Automazione has found a solution that meets their demands. 'Customers certainly reduce downtime, since they no longer have to wait for a technician to arrive when there’s an anomaly or breakdown. For us it saves time and money, because we don’t need to travel as much as before. The time previously spent on business trips can now be spent on other activities,' says Carafa. 'Furthermore, the IXON Cloud is an extra place where we can support internal staff in troubleshooting within the PLC software.'

IXON Cloud is a solid and secure IIoT platform that's easy to use for both SEM and our customers.

Christian Carafa General manager at SEM Automazione

Development of predictive maintenance software

SEM Automazione is developing software called PREDICTO that provides valuable information for predictive maintenance. To achieve predictive maintenance, it’s necessary to start collecting data. 'We will probably integrate PREDICTO with IXON Cloud in the future so machine data can be transmitted to the cloud. We would like to use IXON Cloud Logging to collect data and analyse it, so the outcome can help PREDICTO to predict maintenance,' says Carafa.

Benefits IXON Cloud offers SEM Automazione:

  • Saving costs and time by not having to travel as much as before
  • Reduce waiting time and downtime for customers
  • Recognising the problem of a machine very quickly
  • Easy-to-use for both SEM Automazione and their customers
  • Possibility to expand with Cloud Logging to develop their PREDICTO software

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