Remote monitoring of livestock with smartphone alarms at Hotraco


Hotraco is a provider of innovative automation systems for livestock farming, horticulture and crop storage. With their large network of dealers, the systems are used worldwide in barns, greenhouses and at farmers to control the core processes. The goal is to provide end customers with reliable information and control over their systems to make the right decisions.

Due to the global market and supplying systems for a critical application (livestock), offering an advanced alarm system is required. 'The farmer wants to keep an eye on his farm, especially with livestock,' says Martien, Service Manager at Hotraco.

A single error in the installation can be disastrous within fifteen minutes.

Martien Selten - Service Manager at Hotraco

Hotraco's SyslinQ Remote App allows farmers to remotely control the barn, using the touch panel from remote, and is also equipped with a notification module. The app is developed on the IXON Cloud platform and uses the Cloud Notify function. The personal notifications help the farmer to react in time and keep their animals in optimal condition.

use-case-alarm-header Smartphone alarms enables Hotraco to immediately take action

In case of detrimental changes in the barn, the Fortica® system will issue an alarm or warning. Cloud Notify then sends these alarms and alerts as notifications to a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. This allows the end customer to see very quickly whether they need to take immediate action or if it’s something that can be done during the daily routine check. 'An error in the installation can be disastrous within fifteen minutes,' explains Martien.


The farmer now has more flexibility and receives all alerts and alarms in one overview.

Martien Selten - Service Manager at Hotraco


Smart RoboticsWith conventional systems you only get a phone call or SMS in case of an alarm,' says Martien. 'The farmer now has more flexibility and receives all alerts and alarms in one overview. He can then decide for himself whether he has to take action, even when he’s in a restaurant,' says Martien. When a critical alarm occurs, the end customer can monitor and control the Fortica® system remotely via the SyslinQ app.

With this extra service, Hotraco offers their customers even smarter systems that they can control and operate themselves - anywhere, anytime.

Benefits IXON Cloud Notify offers Hotraco:

  • One overview of all notifications and alarms
  • Easy to configure and apply to new systems
  • In the event of an alarm: direct remote control over the system to view data
  • No license model for alarming functionality

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