IXON versus TeamViewer

    Selecting remote connection tools is vital for machine builders and plant managers. Comparing options like TeamViewer and IXON is not easy. Both provide popular remote access solutions, but differ in security and scalability.


    At-a-glance comparison

    Security features IXON vs. TeamViewer

    Functionality Description IXON TeamViewer

    Easy to use

    Is it known for its user-friendliness?


    Network segmentation

    Does it keep the IT and OT network separated?



    Is it designed specifically for the machine building industry?


    Built-in firewall

    Is a firewall included in the solution?


    Flexible role permissions

    Is it possible to add unlimited users with tailored permissions without license costs?


    Enforce 2FA

    Can Two Factor Authentication be made mandatory at login?



    Does it offer opportunities for Industrial IoT?


    Provide robust security 

    By 2023, the manufacturing industry became the most attacked sector by cyber criminals. 65% of environments running outdated and vulnerable firmware were affected. This attracts hackers since over 60% of victims ultimately pay ransom, leading to significant financial losses. The need for a highly secure remote access solution has never been more critical.

    Teamviewer - cybersecurity budget

    Building trust, not breaches

    Your reputation is on the line, and the last thing you want is for your customers to face cyber issues, eroding their trust in you due to a security breach on your end. Therefore it's crucial to have a cutting-edge solution that prioritizes security, ensuring that your customers can rely on your services without reservation.


    The secure choice

    IXON stands as a powerful ally for machine builders, offering top-tier security, user-friendly features, and a commitment to keeping your operations and customer relationships secure. 

    IXON vs TeamViewer: a comprehensive comparison

    Network segmentation and firewall

    Direct connections can blur the lines between IT and OT networks, potentially exposing machines to threats from the broader internet. When using TeamViewer, you link your computer (IT) to the machine network (OT), creating a pathway from the internet to the machine. 
    IXON’s edge gateway keeps IT and OT separated through its strict built-in firewall. It allows only select outbound encrypted connections, so no incoming traffic can enter the machine network.


    Industry-specific security

    Every industry has its own unique security challenges, regulatory requirements and risk profiles. Although TeamViewer is an attractive choice for small businesses and individuals, it may fall short when integrated into large-scale industrial networks. IXON is designed from the ground up with the unique security challenges of machine builders in mind. It provides dedicated hardware linked to a certified platform with easily updatable firmware for enhanced security and longevity. 

    Secure and effortless machine access

    If TeamViewer is used after prolonged inactivity, the programs on the IPC may need to be updated before they can be used. In contrast, OEMs using IXON can securely and easily perform their firmware updates wirelessly through their own portal. 

    This not only streamlines the process, but also increases overall security and efficiency for both the machine and the operator. At the same time, potential vulnerabilities associated with additional software settings are minimized.

    Advanced user management

    The tendency to share accounts due to license costs can potentially increase security vulnerabilities and make actions less traceable. For commercial purposes, TeamViewer offers only paid user licenses with monthly fees. IXON supports unlimited user accounts without license costs so every user has their own account with assignable roles and permissions. 

    Privacy and trust concerns

    A good way to keep sensitive data of the machine network confidential is to use the principle of least privilege, which means that someone only has access to what is strictly necessary to perform their duties. An individual that’s using TeamViewer has broad access to the device, which means he can potentially even enter the entire network. IXON’s user accounts can be configured with restricted access mechanisms and ensures that external users can only access designated areas or functions. 

    Connection stability and compatibility

    Downtime can lead to significant costs so Immediate problem-solving is essential. There's no room for connection hiccups or software version mismatches that hinder remote support. While TeamViewer can present compatibility challenges due to software version mismatches, IXON priotizes stability. Its commitment to consistent connection, paired with continuously updated software and optimized network configurations, ensures smooth remote access.


    Remote access is the basis for meeting the strategic imperative of after-sales services. Security is a crucial part of selecting the right solution, because your customers are relying on you. When you’re working as an individual or in a small business without ambitions in the field of IoT for the future TeamViewer can be an attractive choice.

    However, when it comes to secure remote access for machine builders with multiple employees, IXON will be a more secure choice. Its industry-specific focus, robust security measures, dedicated devices, and advanced user management make it a superior choice. It's not just about remote access; it's about long-term investment and safeguarding your reputation in the digital age.

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