IX2400 and IX2410 approved in Brazil


IXON is happy to announce that the IXrouter-models IX2400 and IX2410 have been officially approved for use in Brazil.

Together with our local distributor Metaltex, we've pursued certification of these remote access and IoT gateways, to extend IXON's Remote Service & IoT platform to the largest market in Latin America. We want to thank Grupo Ibrace for successfully guiding the certification process.

The certificates were issued by Anatel, Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency. This government agency regulates the telecommunications area in Brazil and is responsible for certification of all radio technology products. Certification is based on national specifications for the testing and certification process and is a prerequisite for market approval in Brazil.

The certificates can be found on the Anatel website by entering IXON BV in the field 'fabricante'.

Nº de Homologação Modelo do Produto Fabricante Tipo do Produto Validade
12882-20-13234 IX2410 Ixon BV Transceptor de Radiação Restrita 08/09/2022
12881-20-13234 IX2400 Ixon BV Equipamento de Rede de Dados  
IXON IX2400 and IX2410 are approved by Anatel in Brazil. IXON IX2400 and IX2410 are approved by Anatel in Brazil.

Certification Process

Certification and homologation of telecommunication products by Anatel guarantees that customers can only purchase and use devices that are in accordance with the standards of quality, safety and functionality required by the Brazilian telecommunications regulations. Certification is a mandatory prerequisite for telecommunications products entering the Brazilian market. Products can only be legally sold after the Technical Conformity Certificate has been issued and the Anatel approval process has been completed, in which an identification number for the product model is generated.

Nathany Tavares, account manager

Medium-Nathany Tavares

"This certification empowers IXON to provide machine builders and system integrators with Remote Access & IoT services to address all their servicing needs. It aligns perfectly with IXON's ambition to open up its products and services to customers worldwide, allowing them to share their experience in servicing and enhancing industrial machines with end customers."


Brazil is one of the biggest IoT markets in the world

The Brazilian market is the largest IoT market in Latin America, with widespread adoption of IoT technologies estimated to add US $200 billion (€179 billion) to the country’s economy by 2025. In 2019 Brazil launched an ambitious plan to promote the development and adoption of IoT applications throughout the Brazilian economy by fostering free competition and free flow of data. To bolster the IoT transition, the Brazil government recently reiterated this message and pledged to exempt internet-of-things (Iot) equipment from certain fees from 2021 onwards.

About IXON and the IXrouter

The IXrouter is IXON's industrial VPN router and edge gateway to connect machines to the IXON Cloud portal. This allows machine builders, system integrators and engineers to remotely access machines and industrial installations, and use machine data for optimizing machines and production workflows. IXON strives to be the most user-friendly IoT platform on the market. Connecting a machine to IXON Cloud is a straightforward process.